Should I install Gcombat on my server?

I’ve heard that having gcombat on a server can just make it lag and crash a lot. My server is constantly getting requests to add it and I dont know what to do about it. Also, what are the svn link(s) for Gcombat as there are a lot of different versions I have found and I am unsure which is correct. Thanks for your help.

Having Gcombat installed is your choice not Facepunch. I have been running Gcombat on my server since I have had my server (1 Year). I haven’t had Gcombat any related crashes. Just keep Gcombat limited (not 6 MG42s and 3 railguns on one tank).

and do you know the svn links?

Assuming it still works, it’s on the SVN links page of the GMod Wiki (

Use PewPew, its a way better.

Acf is the best. Use it
If you don’t know how to use SVN to get this go here