should i keep up the work ?

should i keep up the work on my map it’s going to be a Rp map but if nobody wants it. then i have no reason to make it

3 Apartments

12 Apartments


Uploaded with

and i am going to add more realistic roof on the apartments and add some lamps outside

wich one of these are coolest:

Old one or the new one

it’s gonna be a Rp map

some space in the middle?

okay so now i got some space in the middle of the map and i am not sure about what to make there, should it be:
[li]a police station[/li][li]a restaurant [/li][li]something else[/li][/ul]

Mapping is about expression. You don’t need to make a map that lots of people want to make it worthwhile.

This. Mapping is a form of art- you do it for your own enjoyment if not for other people.
Anyway, you seem to have a decent start in that map- why not see how it goes?

okay, thanks guys :slight_smile:

Bad texturing, Detail builidings a bit, the one to the right of the screen looks just like box with carved doors.

The road isn’t that bad though… But the buildings do need some work.

the texture of the outer wall is way too repetitive

Add some overlays to the wall.

i have made some more stuff on the biulding to the right

and i am going to add some overlays to the buildings

Keep going, at least you know how to take critiscm, thats something rare with new mappers, keep going and it’ll turn out nice I reckon.

thanks :slight_smile:

Id recommend adding some floors to the other buildings man, you got one like 8 floors tall and two next to it with only one floor. Even if they aren’t usable space, you should add building height for nice contrast between them.

Actually there is a contrast already

i am working on some new apartments

Oh my fucking god… I wish I could map like this… keep up the great work… you just inspired me.

Practice, practice, and more practice is the rule here I believe. :smile:

i have been making maps for months, almost a year, and have only released 2 all the others was just practice :slight_smile:

Only like 3 of the more than 40 maps i’ve ever fully made are actually playable and not just for looks

Keep up the work ssimoco, you got talent.

ofcause i got talent :smiley: