Should I or Shouldn't I? (Create an RP map)

Here is the layout to the RP map I wish to create, but before I create, I wish to view the peoples opinions.

(Sorry about posting in .jpg format, I forgot to use .png)

H = House (fallowed by number)
PD = Police Department
GS = Gunshop
Black Lines = road

Tell me what you think/ edit the picture for ideas to give me.

P.S. The map name is going to be RP_Watershed_v1

Go for it man, Make it as detailed as you can and people will like it.

Go for it.

Well, I guess I am going to do it then, plan for release in next week or so.

Don’t rush it, Perfect it. Add as much detail as you can.

A week? Don’t most rp maps take months?

This looks horribly generic. Like Walmart brand.

Boring, square, and flat.