Should I release this?

Recently I have been working on donator only weapons and multi credit weapons for TTT. People find this REALLY useful sometimes but people do tend to hate it too. So I am asking you facepunch guys:

Unless your weapons are completely custom and you have a full pack of them, it’s probably not worth a release thread.

Its not a pack of weapons. Im re-writing the T and D equipment menu and and weaponry.lua file to allow donator only T/D weapons and multi credit purchasing.

Oh god no, that’s an absolutely disgusting idea.

It’s a horrible idea, the creator of TTT is against it, but I’ve seen players who want to do this and ask for it before.

You’ll probably get shit from Facepunch users, but there will be server owners who get use from it.

You would break the entire concept behind TTT.
It’s about finding creative ways of killing people and being undetected whilst doing so, not stacking up credits so you can get the most OP weapon. (scroll to the bottom, it’s explained there)

I’ll close this poll early. Its obvious people don’t want me to release it. If you want it, PM me and I will see what I can do.