Should i return?

Hello all,

some time ago i quit Rust because i got bored…

so now im bored again not playing Rust…so the question is? Should i return?

Are there still mining and oil querries? anything new to do?

Mining quarrys exists, but because the pump jacks was removed they are a lot less used since you need a lot of fuel to power them.

Personally I also quit while the whole quarry/pumpjack thing was going on. It got quite boring. I started again a couple of months ago, and think the game is a lot more fun now.


how u get fuel now?


Either from barrels that spawn in rad towns (which spawn crude oil) or from animals (a pig gives enough fat for around 40-50 low grade fuel,i think i bear gives more but they are extremely dangerous unless you place a foundation and stairs to kite it from) There are still pump jacks but they can’t be crafted and are immediately taken over by large clans as soon as the server wipes, there is one at train yard last i checked)

Raiding with rockets is now cheaper then raiding with C4, most people will raid wooden bases with the napalm rocket due to low cost.

They are some pumpjacks still. Spawn by rad townstowns

I would wait till the xp/level system gets to main, not gonna happen before april I guess. Currently it’s on the prerelease branch, maybe you wanna check it out.