Should I switch to Linux?

I am currently running a TTT and Sandbox server on my NFO account. But is GMod compatible enough with Linux to run on it? I always read of problems with Linux.

What should I be aware of if I make the move?

Linux is case sensitive, something you should keep an eye on.

Linux is very good. A lot of problems have been fixed; the main issues are all with the GMod client on Linux. Like mib999 said case-sensitivity is going to be one of the things to watch for, but is only a small sacrifice.

If you have never used linux before, be prepaired for a huge learning curve. I suggest getting a vm or something similar first, trying to get everything setup there then slowly “port” it over bit by bit.

As for garrysmod under linux, I host about 5 srcds servers at the moment. works a charm. Although, CaSe SeNSiTiViTy is annoying as hell.

If the case sensitive stuff bothers you,You can make a portion that is not case sensitive. Just be careful with crashes on your whole server box. I did that and when my server crashed ,because of some issue on the companies side, it corrupted my whole game folder. I managed to retrieve the files luckily,and now I just keep it on the default portion.

I personally recommend Linux, there have been very few things that didn’t work with Linux, but they provided the open source for it. Meaning you can just compile it for your system and have it still work.