Should megathreads be a thing? Should they only be there during certain events?

Here are some initial arguments from S&Box’s WAYWO Megathread

  • It’d condense all those small submissions into one place
  • Keeping one thread open and seeing people posting cool stuff is easier than checking each thread with the tag


  • Threads encourage discussion
  • Megathreads can get messy pretty quick

What do you guys think?

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My non biased opinion (not coming from the creator of the only megathreads so far or anything) — I think they should be a thing because nobody is going to browse through whole threads to see small shit. Megathreads are made because they are convenient. It’s nice to quickly scroll through 15 new posts of small scripts people are working on, then trying to browse the coding forums and getting spammed by shitty small showcases

There are some situations that warrant megathreads, for instance threads that collect links/info (for tutorials or resources, such as Mapping Resources, Tips, & Tricks). However megathreads that encourage discussion (like WAYWOs, where there’ll be multiple topics in a single thread) can get messy very quickly and things can get easily lost. After all, a lot of people are going to be discussing different things in a single thread.
Maybe have a WAYWO megaT. for smaller things (small scripts, cool things and the like) and if those things become bigger then go on to make separate threads?

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Mega-threads CAN be fine if they are exactly as others have said, for “random misc stuff that doesn’t deserve a thread”. But if this is meant to be a “resource” for Facepunch game discussion or questions/answers, and we even have suggestive threads as we create our own, less threads mean less suggestions and less in the pool.

I agree that reading a thread full of in-line content is great, but that seems like something that can just be solved by reformatting that sub-category. It’d probably come out like reddit, whether that be a good or bad thing.

Mega-threads can also lead to stagnation in the category. People may be hesitant to post a new thread because they will insecurely deem their work/question unworthy of it, or someone will just get responses in their thread saying “JUST POST IT IN THE MEGATHREAD” instead of actually discussing WHAT they posted, etc.

The tagging system we have now lets us filter things properly too. If you wanted to go one step forward, you could add a RESOURCE or GUIDE tag for threads so people can easily find additional things.

I lean against mega-threads for casual things, keep it to guides or resource dumps if anything, but you could argue those wouldn’t really BE mega-threads if only one person is maintaining it, and good usage of tags would be equal.

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I don’t like megathreads, I can see the appeal but I think you end up with 3 threads everyone reads and a waste of time making a new thread because no-one is watching… and I don’t think this forum system lends itself to huge threads particularly well.


Even though I was one of those butthurting when the forums got shut down and we lost the WAYWO threads, in the end I liked the Discord way of posting some quick WIP more than forums

Forums would still fit better for actual threads with discussion if there’s something to discuss, if you want to get people involved into your current WIP and not get lost in unrelated messages

Forums just don’t work for these quick small WIP shout-outs because you either end up with a whole bunch of empty threads with 0-2 replies or a mega-thread which gets cluttered and mixed-up

In a nutshell: there should be a section on the forums where you can create a thread for discussion of your WIP if it’s worth it, if it’s not worth the discussion and isn’t meant to stay for long, just post it on Discord

It’s better to contain that mess within one mega-thread than let it spill out over the whole sub-forum.

New users opening up the forums without having set any ignored tags will see a WAYWO thread every 5 or so threads, even if they’re not interested in it. Having to set up a tag in your user settings just to ignore irrelevant content to you takes more effort than not clicking on a WAYWO mega-thread.

The old WAYWO in a way depended on it being in one place, if people had to search for WAYWO topics all over the forum or had to explicitly filter in the WAYWO tag, it’d hurt the visibility of such posts and therefore it’d be dead.

It was much easier to binge the whole thread when it is in once place, rather having to click in and out of different threads to see stuff made by different people. Having it all over the place might kill it.

I don’t really see the argument of making it easier to new users to not learn how to use the forums properly. It’s very easy to filter out tags and it’s not something every user would want to do.

Filtering only waywo posts is basically just clicking the tag, that’s it, now you have a list of posts.

I’ve been enjoying the current per-thread trend. You can even see exactly what type of post it is from the category, and makes it easy if you only want mapping posts, for example. I don’t think a few more clicks will end up killing waywo, considering that’s the entire point of these forums.