Should MetaCritic rate Garry's Mod?

Pretty simple question, essentially, it’s a game, and not a mod, it’s currently rated NA/100 by MetaScore.

Of course, you could argue, that it’s not just a mod, but a huge variety of games, and cannot be based on a single rating. But you could argue, that it deserves one, perhaps because Garry mostly sees the mod as Sandbox, and not multipurpose.

What’s your Opinion?


Steam doesn’t rate games
MetaCritic does

That said, alot of Valve games don’t have ratings.

No. Its a Sandbox.

"I joined an online game and was hit by a flying dick with explosives all over it.

2.5 stars"

That’s why i said Metascore, but they are partnered with Steam.

It would be rated low for reasons.


no moar trollin guise dunna kill Player Metacritic

I don’t think it’s a good idea, since everyone’s experience with the gameplay in Garry’s Mod will vary. For example, the obnoxiously offensive severs.

Critic: Hey guys
Player1: INFIDEL
Critic: (this game is horrible)

No offense intended, but those are example responses out of the baddie servers.

Someone list online only games people have rated plox.

This game is a mod.
That can be easily modded.

I don’t think they’ll rate gmod on how nice the players are.

I don’t think you guys know what metacritic is


There is no real way they could properly rate GMod, since singleplayer is quite limited, and the quality of play in multiplayer will vary from buidling proper stuff, to using the rope tool to paint swastikas all over the skybox.

As previous poster said, the gameplay experience varies a lot due to online play, mods, players and whatnot. Which makes it quite impossible to rate it properly. Of course, they can give it a shot.

Play it in a couple of weeks, and give a rating based on that.

If that was the case, L4D would have lower than 50 MetaScore