Should Modern Warfare Weapons Belong in Rust (Vote)

M4’s, Shotguns, Mp5’s just to name a few…

These are just some of the common easy to make guns rust as to offer, (Are they OP?)

Should we next ask for M203 (Grenade launchers) attachments, M16’s, 100 round mag machine guns (AR-RPK’S), 50 cal sniper’s or even Dessert Eagles??? (Tanks jets helicopters??)

In my opinion i don’t want rust to follow that path…

I think the weapons should look post Apocalyptic, meaning rusty and old looking…

Gun’s i believe that would suit rusts play style, Semi auto carbines,Bolt action sniper rifles or rifles, Double barrel shotguns, cross bows (just a few off the top of my head)

I would like to see guns/bullets Much, much, much more harder to make/find. (Especially modern weapons)
HAVE YOUR SAY :smiley: **

I agree, guns should look more rustic and old/damaged. :zoid:

I believe that it should be harder to aquire M4s and primarys considering ITS A WASTELAND

sniper rifles would be hyper over powered and abused to shit.

Desert eagles are horrible jammy pieces of shit in reality and over modernifying the game will not only make the already “Meh” community into a group of underage genuine twats and the game play will only be totally shit on

that being said yes, we need more bows, swords, crossbows, “Home made” shot guns/etc.

if I made a “Post apoc” game guns like that would liter the game. Bolt action scopeless rifles would be the biggest one as well, but it would mostly very much have a huge set of hyper-customizable guns, even flintlock style. Anything to make a metal pebble to shoot can be made with scrap give or take.

In my idea Scopes will be available, but hyper rare and bolt actions are poor for close range / are hard to find ammo for. Home made scopes are possible however don’t do very much good.

dude…Modern warfare is modern warfare. not the game modern warfare.

To be honest, I am tired of people asking for “New” modern and “classic” guns to be added.
What I think needs to be done is a change, instead of modern / classic weapons, I agree there should be more apocalyptic weapons such as: pipe guns, crossbows, gas can explosives, glass jar of exploding nails, and etc.

Hey looks another gun thread.
This is like, once of the tens already.
NO! to modern guns.
I would like to see you craft a fully functional mp5, m4a1 or any gun for that matter.
The game needs easy to maky, shiity quality guns!
As our friend J1NX already stated.

More of these!!!

And less of these!!!

You know what we need?

Guns that occasionally jam up.

Might make people consider their actions before they spew lead everywhere. There’s a chance your motive to kill might backfire on you (ha pun).

Also, I think the name Rust applies well here.

Yea!!! I agree!!! They should make the guns look more rusty and old like in the walking dead (((:

i prefer ww2 weapons like mosin nagat and weapons like m4 etc should be very rare or just from the supply drops

I have to say I kinda enjoy the guns when they are shiny and nice, and I really enjoy the graphics and animations of them. Why not make the guns you can find around the place new? and player crafted-old. Just because its post-whatever does not mean every new gun in the map was wiped out. There are airship drops too. Make the guns you find shiny and new and the guns you make rusty and old with lesser specs.

The idea is good, i just think that it will make the large grps stronger (since they have numbers to take drops) and solo and small grps will end up with the lower end weapons, meaning the chance to fight the larger grps will be harder.

Well isn’t that the point of having a large group? To be srong?
I agree, the player crafted guns should be shitty as hell.
And the ones found by air drops or loot would be ww2-modern.

Also, what would be nice if the loot spawn would differ, cause everyone just barricades themselves in a bulding and takes it, that seems kindof like a exploit to me.

Or is that already fixed by placing radiation in the loot spawn ones?

If gun mechanics aren’t going to change, their appearance should at least. Older guns would look pretty cool in this game.

I think you shouldn’t be able to craft a M4 or specific weapon. Because really, who da fuck can build a M4?
You should find “real” weapons (like the M4, MP5, …) and you should only be able to craft some aweful quality guns. (Like them from J!NX and klans10).

PS: i’m from germany so don’t be a grammar nazi… or don’t be a nazi at all. :wink:

I haven’t got to play yet so my input is relatively worthless. But I can say that I’ve been surprised by this thread and a few others as I’ve been reading over the forums in my excitement. I had no idea guns were so prevalent in Rust. The only real pic I’ve seen of Rust is that one pic of the twisted branch bow with that crude arrow. That pic said everything I needed to know about Rust. I wanted IN on that game. To find out that C4 and modern guns are relatively easy to acquire has been a bit of a bummer. Has certainly cooled my jets on trying to score one of the keys from the auction. I was really hoping Rust was one thing but its looking like its quite another beast altogether.

This might give you a hint

Nice Max. A lot of these people didnt read previous posts… that you guys are changing up the weapon system in the future.

I agree that rust is getting way too industrial and id rather have a spear then an m4 because it would take years to make one yourself even with a blueprint i gave some ideas on this post: im not advertising!

your poll sucks, it asks a different question then the thread title