Should New Spawns Have Spawn protection in Future updates. ?

I think New spawns should have a 10 min Protection Where they Cant Kill or Be Killed for 10 minutes because everytime i play rust i end up getting killed by a guy with an m4 like 3 minutes after i spawn in and it ruins the fun.


Great the last thing i need is invincible bambi’s…

All i can say is that you will die multiple times but each you re spawn and have another crack you will eventually get better and develop your own survival techniques.

Have Faith :wink:

its a good idea, only then if there 10min invincible, they need to be able to do no damage to other players… that will be optional to add, i like the idea

If you’re dying every 3 minutes before you have time to make a shelter/sleeping bag, your trying to live in the wrong areas. Find an area that is not as highly inhabited, or try getting resources at night and sit by the campfire during the day (never have the campfire on at night unless you are confident no one can find you, or if you can defend it).

i know but thats the problem whenever i manage to collect enough resources some shoots me in the back of the head while im trying to look for a good place to build a house.

Maybe in your case, look for a empty shack and make it your own via attaching a door to it. Then do small supply runs back and forth to it. If you die while your out side away from your shack your items should be relatively safe.

(Tip) If a group or anyone chases you never run back to your shack worst possible answer :wink:

However trying to spawn back in and relocating your house/shack is a different issue all together making this game twice as hard to navigate than it should be.

I think the Mods need to create more land marks and maps imo.

Hope That helps^^

This pretty much sums it up. -always- keep an eye out for what shacks/buildings are really in use. Camp fires… sounds of footsteps… seeing a building being added onto between visits to the area. As a side not, -avoid- areas with massive buildings. Good sign of a large group of players

I like to be able to die straight away, makes it handy for when you have a crap spawn, Or if they added a suicide button that would be nice.
As for getting killed, Just wait for the PvE server, The PvP one is a joke atm

I think this would be a pretty good idea later in time. However, the spawn protection would only effect people who do the random respawn. Camp respawns shouldn’t need spawn protection. The suicide option should also be able to over-ride a spawn protection since it’s self inflicted.

F1-> Type in “Suicide”

I like this idea of 10min protection. 10 minutes without dealing any damage to players , And if you decide to hit a player you should be able to get hit back ofc… Would help allot of new spawned bambis being able to actually stay alive for more then two minutes.

oh, tnx twenty, saves me spamming side like a right tit!