should people be aloud to build.

Just wondering what everyone else thinks on if people should be aloud to build at spawn and in factorys.

In my opinion I don’t think they should.

But what do U guys think

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People should not be allowed to build in factories in my opinion, it should be a natural area of PvP, but not to the extent that people can stop you entirely from entering it. Makes it really hard to get loot if you make your base near a camped down factory.

The factory is pretty much one of the only landmarks on the map at the moment, so no. I would keep it as a pvp zone or meeting area.

I think it should be allowed. As when they implement some form of base warfare I dont think it will be that big of a problem. With them constantly being under attack and all.

I’m pretty sure this would infringe upon Garry’s strict rule of “Not restricting players”, meaning that this will restrict them to do whatever the fuck they want, if they want to control the supply lines of rarer items, then let them, it should be a player-run community in-game, not specific areas for PvP, building and resource gathering, that’s just silly.

I totaly agree Lewis I mean all day today I was trying to get sum good loot from the factory and the people who built there would be peak shooting us from there house and I would kill one then bang his respawned before I could move

Basically, let anyone build wherever the fuck they want, and deal with it.

Good point, forgot that they’re planning on adding base damage, so yeah, I think it’s okay with base parts being destructible, since it would be a stupid idea to even try to survive in a zone like that when they can destroy your base so easily.