Should Private Servers Be Released to Public?


If they are released they could add another server tab in the game just for non-rented locally hosted servers.


No, because than are too many servers…

This wont work at all, people download a cracked rust and use hamachi too play online? That wont work at all.

What’s wrong with that?

Its not that there is too many servers is the fact that they are player owned… All the owner has to do is disagree with you and you get banned. Or he can just wipe the server if he gets raided. When there was just official servers they game was fun and exciting to play. Now it is just a game of jumping servers.

Games are always going to have douche bags that do things like that. It’s inevitable. If the private servers were public for everyone to create I would only use them for playing privately with friends. But I do know some people would use them legitimately to host decent fair servers.

Keeping server files private keeps the quality of servers of a much higher standard.

At least a singleplayer mode would be nice, i can’t even play a server by the big ping that i have :confused:

They could make it so non-commercial servers don’t show up on the server list, and are invite only joinable.

Keeps the cost up there too because there is little to no competition. I voted yes. I don’t think I want to see it right now but once early access is done release everything and let the game run wild. Would allow people to mod their server to how they see fit, don’t like what they have, find one thats vanilla or modded how you want.

At this point though. Meh.

I remember reading where Garry stated that the whole premise of this is game is about freedom. I feel that by not letting me have my own server just for me and my friends that takes a whole lot of freedom away. As well as deciding how a server is setup. Another thing I remember Garry stating is that he doesn’t want people to local host a server, spawn a bunch of items and take it into another server. Well guess what that is not how the servers are setup in this game. You have a save profile per server. People say that the game is ruined by having a bunch of servers. I can see if this were the majority vote, but by people still buying AND playing on a bunch of other servers this is proven invalid. If people didn’t like to play on non-official servers then there wouldn’t be non-official server to play on. I feel that I could do a better job hosting my own server, where I do not have to pay $25+. I like the freedom to choose what I have on my server. If I enjoy having air drops every 3 minutes, I do not see an issue with this if its in my own server. Keeping the server files private doesn’t keep servers to a higher standard. It is the people that play and them that do. If you don’t like my server, simply don’t play on it and go play on the official one.


Give this man a cookie!

^^ i completely agree also

yes with an extra server tab

Threads like these make me chuckle. You are basically asking “Should someone be able to do something I do not do and have nothing to do with?” If you like private servers play on them. If you do not, play on official servers. It is that simple. I do not understand why everything has to be an argument over who should be allowed to do what.

Anyone that is able to do something is going to do it, with or without your consent, so there really is no debate at all.

I disagree with this…currently i have the same server specs or better than most server providers for rust and i think i could run rust a lot smoother on my own dedicated machine without the risk of overselling/overloading the box if server files were released

Another note yes there would be some people trying to host their server on a home network and pc that isn’t up to par for the rust requirements but hey those servers wont be around too long.

I don’t understand this particular line of reasoning; if you want to play on the official servers, do so. There is no one stopping you. There are a few of them; how does the existence of private servers prevent you and your friends who also don’t want private servers from designating Server X as your server of choice and then playing on it solely?

There is a big difference between “freedom in game by providing open-ended game mechanisms” versus “freedom to run a private server.”

It’s not surprising that Garry and Facepunch probably aren’t ready to release the server out into private machines at this stage of development.