Should raiding be allowed?

Hey guys, do you think raiding should be allowed on a PvE server?

Since its no PVP action, yes.

So people should be allowed to raid your property, while you are not allowed to defend yourself?

Seems legit…

Whats wrong with raiding? its so fun to wreck peoples stuff.

if both teams aggree to it, why not

If there is C4 on the server regardless of what type, you should be able to raid. You aren’t killing players, you are destroying the environment… PvE huehuehue

While that is true, if you’re in your base and someone is busting in, how are you to defend yourself?

The complete lack of common sense by some of the users above is absolutely shocking.

Well, I play PvP, but I assume you have a large base like myself. If I hear ticking at one of my doors i place 2 barricades behind it and throw another doorway / metal door on the next set of pillars. Also even though it is pve, I assume you still have a 2x1x10+ tower that is pillar blocked to hold your loot. If you only have 1 door/wall protecting your loot… well you might as well not be protecting it.

Well, since this asks about PvE and not PvP(thus reducing the potential of a derpstorm I’d expect otherwise…

I’d say no, but that requires clarifying what I’d consider raiding in a PvE server. To make it simple, we’re just going to consider raiding to be the act of looting objects from a container.

If I were developing, containers would only be safe from looting only if the container is in a secured base. A secured base being one that is fully enclosed with walls, ceiling and a doorway. A door being open/closed doesn’t matter to counteract DC issues and people just trying to bust in when someone enters their base.

If a container is placed outside, or within a decayed building, I’d consider it free game, even in a PvE environment.

Edit: This does not take into account any agreed-upon PvP that may be feasible in a PvE server.

i don’t think they should allow non-PVP servers in the first fucking place

Only if the game some how allowed you to only attack the person who was destroying your base. Otherwise it would be pretty stupid for you to just have to sit there and watch someone destroy your base.

Hopefully before long admins will have the ability to disable certain weapons & items, like the Explosive Charge.

There is no defense. You can only mitigate it by having many bases out of sight. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

Raiding is a big part of the game. Take it away and you have a bad building game full of monstrosities in resource fields - as is the case on the No PVP servers until c4 is common.

Even on No PVP, other players remain the primary threat or target - depending on how you play. It’s a survival game, not a build a cool looking base where everyone can see game.

Um yes…why not…only difference is you need to get into character…imagine your a troll hunter and you just spawned in…be the troll!!! BE THE TROLL!!!


…anyone…ever been on a WoW PVE…its something

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Totally disagree…

PVE means your playing for an expeirence…so if your team wants to own a valley then its your duty to live your barbarian character and kill anyone who opposes you.

PVE does not mean no PVP it just means there needs to be a purpose/story etc…and not just murdering cause you like Death Matches.


I’m not sure where you get all of this, but you seem to be confusing PvE (player vs environment) with RP (role-playing)

just put your good loot on you and wait for them to leave lol, never have played pve but this just seems funny to me