Should RNG number of weapons mod slots stay?

What do you think about this? Should it stay in the game or should it be removed?

Personally I don’t see the real point of it, other than the tension when the crafting timer is at one second.

Making a bolt action and getting zero mods is so disappointing :stuck_out_tongue:

to not get op guns;you cant decide now they still need to balance guns and add different weapons(not guns)

How exactly does OP guns have anything to do with the random number of mods you are able to put on them?

not op guns,it would make the gun “more” op(different subject)

a gun isn’t op,but the balancing of them on how rare they are and they need more of them(harder recipes and not more metal,different materiel) to make progress in the game.

Leave it in, but have the ability to upgrade the gun with 1 additional slot. Upgrade cost about the same as making a new gun. Upgrade destroys the old gun and makes a new gun so you lose any currently installed mods.

Upgrade costing half the guns materials or minimum of 1 slot