Should Rust add a Tilting head mechanic?

An option using Q-E to be able to tilt players head left or right. (Issue Replacing E with another key for interacting)

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I’ve been thinking about this and I’m personally all for it, especially looking around you while running which I’d love and I think would be a great addition to the game!

Yeah that would be pretty cool.

this will be great

constantly press Q and E and your character will do it

also jigglebone peen physics

Like a peek mechanic?

Correct! and the head swivels so you can run and look around you at the same time!

Would this also work when aiming your gun? so you can use cover effectively, would be a nice touch.

A bit like in dayz hold down ALT and as you run you could look over your left and right shoulder… The tilting head mechanic is somewhat a bit different…

Like this:

Yeah exactly like arma actually, and yes the gun can be aimed while tilting.

Yeah the Q-E tilting should allow you to do that while aiming a gun. Example crouch behind a tree and tilt your head to the left or right, which in turn leaves your head exposed the rest of your body fairly concealed behind the tree.

Yeah would be pretty cool and could open new ways of communication

I really don’t know why you guys aren’t calling it ‘lean’, but sure this should be added at some point.

You’re right, I couldn’t think of the word, ops. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m always a little conflicted when it comes to leaning mechanics in first person games. On the one hand, they use up the Q and E keys which are handy keys to use for other purposes. On the other hand, whenever I hear footsteps around a corner I think to myself “I really wish I could peek out there to see what that is without showing my entire body to get easily spotted.”

I suppose overall i’d have to agree it would be nice if the game had it. I could always reassign the keys if I don’t like it taking up my Q and E keys. =D

You’re only conflicted because of the E being assigned to leaning and not interacting?

Assign F as interaction key, Q and E for leaning.

Pretty much, yeah. I like using the Q and E keys for other things in my games because they’re the most conveniently positioned keys and I don’t tend to use leaning enough to justify using those keys for it. The situations where they’re used really do require convenient keys to make it quick and easy but I just don’t usually use it that much.

I don’t even know what Q does in this game (if anything) but I use E plenty and I might reassign something to Q eventually if there isn’t already something useful on that key. I already know I can assign the interaction key to F but it just feels better to me to reach up to the E key than to reach over to the F key.

I do still agree the game should have those mechanics. I think i’d enjoy the head swivel mechanic more though just because I’ve done quite a lot of running from people in this game and that would allow me to have a better idea of when I’ve actually lost them rather than listening for footsteps and hoping they didn’t just fall behind.

I see where you are coming from.

But it seems it’s more of a habbit, seeing as a lot of games have E as interact, changes are inevitable in life! ;D

I think a look/lean mechanic would work fine as long as you couldn’t shoot from there.

Besides serious miltary shooters, other games that add these mechanics makes the game very annoying.

Just imagine a clan of 5 people poking their heads out to give you bullets with their rifles then poking it behind cover again making it difficult to shoot them back.

I disagree, leaning adds a sort of safety net for solo players.
Yes a group of 5 can hide behind things leaning, but guess what so can you. Lean, identify, and figure out your move, while being safe.

Why shouldn’t you be able to shoot while leaning? Kind of defeats the purpose, and honestly, I think none simulating games should have the leaning feature, battlefield 4 kind of implemented it half assed, but it’s in the right direction.