Should Rust be more lethal?

I’ll admit this immediately that despite having 1100+ hours in the game I’m still an inconsistent shot and part of that is motivating this post. Your obligatory “git gud” posts are already duly noted here.

I guess I just think you shouldn’t be as tough to kill. Things like revolvers are basically useless because you have to drop so many rounds into people, even nakeds. This never clicked with me. If you’re butt-ass-naked and somebody shoots you with a revolver you should be having a really bad day. Making everybody easier to kill makes tactics trump skill, and I’ve always seen Rust as more of the thinking man’s game. As I noted earlier, I’m not the most consistent shot, especially in a straight up firefight. I rely almost exclusively on ambush tactics and I only commit when I’m sure I can get the kill, but I don’t know how many times I’ve sank a round center mass into a guy and he’s turned around and fucked my shit up. Him being the better skilled player deserved the kill sure, but don’t I deserve the kill for catching him off-guard and nailing him with a shot?

Even if it were only in certain servers, I’d love to see higher damage across the board for all weapons. More skilled players won’t be affected by this that much, but less-skilled players who are smart and sneaky might have a niche.


If anything you should be arguing for slower time-to-kill instead of faster. When time-to-kill is realistic, you get a twitchy competitive shooter, ala counter strike. When time-to-kill is slower, it tends to be more drawn out brawler style like team fortress 2 or planetside, where people have flexibility to try some crazier shit. In order for tactics to be more important than shooting skills, high shooting skills needs to be less rewarding. A lot of people don’t like this, and it’s not likely to change.

I’m familiar with TTK, I play a lot of Halo and TTK is always a big factor when you play at a high level of competition.

Slower TTK means that people who can aim better are essentially untouchable. I think Rust should punish the smallest mistakes. Its a survival game. The best shot in the world should think twice before he engages a larger group. Being armored up should mean you’ll survive a shot or two, not that you can take 5 AK rounds in the chest before you need to duck out and heal up.

IMO of course.

Skill does not always sway the end result things like lag,slow rendering, stuttering when shooting, weapon shaking,just general bad performance on a server,

all these things can effect your aim and ability in the present build of rust so its not always the player at fault

But i agree some weapons need to do more damage like the revolver and some need have less recoil like the AK

They have not got the balance right at the moment IMHO

IDK if Rust was ever meant to be a tactical shooter, though I have played it like that, but I agree there needs to be more threats to the player and the environment itself should be more lethal.

As far as damage ratios for guns, I think that when there is a viable PvE threat that is not exclusive to anyone, they should be based off that and PvP should be an involved affair.

“environment itself should be more lethal.”
This especially for me (not wanting to sway the conversation in a direction the OP wasn’t taking), especially on slower servers, or lower population servers; being able to be distracted by…I dunno a pack of lions or some nonsense, that’d be grand! Maybe a battleship can steam around the coast and fire missles inland. =)
You can easily get through a night out in the cold, there doesn’t seem to be any pressing need to keep warm (unless you’ve ventured to the top of a mountain for some bizarre reason), you can survive for several rust-days (hours and hours IRL)without eating or dieing of starvation.

I think there’s a tradeoff between real-world physics (where a single untreated bullet wound will almost certainly kill you, from infection if not from bleeding out) and an enjoyable gameplay experience. A headshot should always drop you, since that’s a relatively small target, but giving us the ability to take 3-5 torso / arm / leg shots means that any given firefight can last more than two seconds.

Let’s change the dynamic a bit. Think of all the resources you carry around. You can carry enough wood to build a 5-story house. If the game were being realistic, you’d barely be able to move a single building-sized log by yourself. The tradeoff is that building is less of a chore than it realistically should be. I see firefights in the same light.

Having said all that, I’m pretty sure there are modded servers that have amped up the damage. I don’t play on mods so I can’t say for sure, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be easy enough to do.

would be nice to see more dangerous environments could possibly include

1,swomps were you could get sucked under in quick sand unless somone pulls you out with a rope or ladder

2,maybe stuck be lightening

3, twisters that can pick you up a drop you in the sea

4,snow/ice storms that freeze you fast

5, earth quake that opens the ground up swollows you up

6, running into a hornets nest would be a fun distraction lol

Severe storms would be great. Just as in real life, they’d be more likely to zap (and do damage to) taller buildings. Great way to nerf sniper towers built around monuments!

I really hope that when the snow biome comes back, the cold is more lethal. As in, heavy clothing will help (but not eliminate) the cold by day. By night, even with full winter garb, you’re going to take continuous cold damage unless you’re inside near an active fire or furnace. Forget running through the cold as a naked – health would drop one point per second.

Poisonous insects would be interesting. The problem is there wouldn’t be much you could do to avoid them, and you wouldn’t get much loot out of them, so they’d kind of be a pain in the ass. I dunno, maybe harvesting an entire fireant colony, smashing them all up in a bucket, and spreading the paste on arrows to create poison-tipped arrows. That’s a bit of a stretch, though.

I suggested badgers earlier. Nasty, teeth gnashing badgers that hide in bushes.

I’m pretty sure the “bad shot” is something to do with frames-per-second. Notice how similar those seem: FPS (first-person-shooter) and FPS (frames-per-second). Though, skill matters too ofc, but a better fps can make a 5 year-old kid play like a god vs fps-spiked pro.

I agree with alot of things you ppl have said in the comments.

1. time-to-kill: slow vs fast - has to have a middle ground, which this game has achieved.

If it’s too fast, it’s gonna feel really ugly in an open enviroment. No matter how much effort you invested in having protective items and whatnot, you’re gonna get down in less than a second anyway by a sniper in some random-ass tower far-far away, or by a badger in the bush*
Too slow and it becomes much too unintuitive. I’ve never enjoyed literally just blowing up one’s face over and over and over and over and over till the character magically performs it’s death animation at a random time you couldn’t foresee unless there was this magical health bar on top of it.

Since time-to-kill is like a setting you don’t really want to mess too much with as it’s somewhat balanced, we should turn to the 2nd point:
2. enviromental lethality - a something the game is obviously lacking, even when trying to come up with a few (take chopper for example).

Badgers in the bush, this one’s gold. Hah! ^^ …or hornets nest. Pretty much everything said seem like a big +.
Just yea, not to go unintuitive with this either would be great. Right now, the only threat players have are other players. Just 2 animals, a bear and a wolf alone isn’t a threat unless they outright hunted us. And the chopper - any1 familiar with it’s mechanics can simply ignore it being up there (the only ones at a disadvantage are death ppl). It’s more of an additional “option” than anything else, that chopper.