Should Rust have a backstory?

Just wanted to get your opinions on this subject, should Rust have a backstory? I’m not saying a single-player mode or anything linear or narrative driven, just maybe a cutscene when you first boot up the game. What do you guys think the story should be? Why is this happening? Does this even matter. I have my own ideas but i would love to hear some other ideas.

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Interesting… I like it…

Any ideas on what it could be?

A benign virus that was accidentally exposed to radiation, which mutated it into a zombie super-virus that infected everyone except for a few lone survivors (the players)?

Maybe another world war broke out, chemical warfare, mutated virus, cities and towns become warzones and concentrations of the virus, so people go to the wilderness to escape the hell civilization has become. Just an idea.

Amazing idea Daniel! I’ll try my best to write up a story of some sort of “plague” that took over the human race, creating these zombie-like mutants, leaving a few survivors. Keep up the good work though! :slight_smile:
Edited post, sorry about any confusion. :smiley:

What i just posted?

A clothes-eating virus on an island caused the whole population to become naked weirdos. Haha, I kid. My take is that a backstory is important, but you shouldn’t be briefed on exactly what is going on, it should be discovered by the player as they progress. For example, if there was a nuclear war of some type, you would find bombed out cities with lots of twisted metal, leaving the player to make their own distinctions on what happened. In other words, Rust feels like it should really have the story of what the players make of it, though that is just my thought.

If nothing else, it would be nice to have some sort of lore explanation for how you ended up stranded in the middle of no-where, butt naked.

I prefer no backstory or lore, it makes it more weird/mysterious.

Use your own imagination, you’ll probably come up with something better than the cliquéd zombie appocalypse story.

Mabye everyone became addicted to minecraft and tried it in real life

some super secret agent, captured, tortured, then brought by the airplane to that lonely island, they kick him out of the plane naked, rdy to torture him more until death. However he can escape somehow…

Rust should develop some sort of backstory, it would certainly add a specific theme to the game and maybe an idea of what to expect for future updates!

It should have enviromental story-telling, like L4D. I’m not in favor of cutscenes or anything like that, but maybe books with history you can find, or messages scrawled on walls. I mean, what we have now actually tells a story (though a confusing one), and I think they can expand on it with touches for that purpose alone.

Hmm, kinda done with Virus/Plague stories. What about a Battle Royal story? Or something like how Australia started. Bunch of Convicts thrown on an island, Could explain the weapons and Air Drops, for now at least.

The radiation and structures kind of lead me to believe that this is during a sort of Cold War-era…

Maybe it’s all a grand experiment by some super-government.

No it doesn’t fit in the game… :confused: use your imagine

You’re actually saying that “a backstory” doesn’t fit?

Not any particular one… just ANY backstory?

Seems silly, considering most games tend to be nothing more than an interactive narrative.

Travelling from Berlin Love Parade, the San Francisco Gay cruise went horribly wrong (and all their fabulous clothes were lost at sea)

We’re clearly all clones, perhaps unleashed upon the island in some sort of blood sport as entertainment for the mindless drones, every area of the island is recorded, edited, and televised to take people’s minds off of their boring lives.