Should solved threads really be locked?

Very often I see a solved thread that I want to reply to, but I can’t because it’s locked. Upon thinking about it, I don’t see any good reason for solved threads to be locked.

Some common scenarios:
• The OP ‘solved’ his problem in some way, but did so with bad coding practices or in some weird way that’s going to give them hell in the future. You want to point this out, but you can’t because the thread is locked. (I sometimes send a PM in this kind of scenario)
• The OP solved the problem by himself, but didn’t specify how - sometimes even closing the thread before even mentioning that it’s solved in a post. Recent example, which prompted me to make this thread.
• The OP solved a problem correctly, but there is no proper explanation of the solution - for example, just a big blob of code with no comments. Anyone googling the same problem and coming across this thread in the future will not be able to understand it.

Relevant-ish xkcd

So with all these cons, what are the pros of threads being locked when they’re marked as solved? Besides it being a handy way to lock the old Next Update and WAYWOs, I don’t see any advantage; and those two can easily be accomplished in other ways: Robotboy is an admin and can easily lock the old Next Update, and I’m guessing that phpbb (or was it vbulletin?) makes it not too difficult to give Mors Quaedam the ability to lock his own threads in this subforum as well.

Reading this made me go back and check all the old threads I made… and they all have stupid questions with answers I could change to be far better to help some poor soul happening to find my thread.
As well as not force-locking threads, it’d be good if there was a way to post on a thread without it being bumped so I could actually explain these things

Pretty sure you can edit any post of yours (including OP) without bumping the thread. Assuming the thread isn’t locked and you had posted in it, that is.

Don’t forget the timeless classic:

That isn’t what the OP is asking for.

Edit: I don’t read names, who gives a shit.

I am the OP, that was in response to MPan1 :wink:

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added a quote so it’s not as confusing

I see lots of agrees, so can the locking be disabled?

I do agree as well because I just mad a post and then thought it was solved but I had another issue and I did not want to reopen a new thread (I figured it out on my own) but yeah

Bump. Who should be able to do this? There’s not a single disagree (edit: Sir TEST doesn’t count, he did that out of spite after this post :/) so it’s pretty unanimously decided that solved threads SHOULD NOT be locked.


Which one?

The decision’s made, so better lock this thread now

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That button is very tempting to be honest.

well it’s not our decision, we’re just support to a community suggestion it’s up to garry to change his forums.