Should the vac system been changed around?

I probably already know how this thread is gonna end up, but I am just curious to see if there are others that feel different about it.

I personally like and dislike vac bans. I understand being banned from a game for doing wrong actions, but vac seems to take it to far. If you really think about it, vac is like someone from game stop bursting into your house, and taking every single game that runs on that engine. They then would proceed to tattoo a vac ban symbol on your forehead for all to see with no way of getting rid of the status. Now being strict and all is great, but I feel there should be some small changes made. Like if someone was vac banned 10 years ago, I feel that status should no longer be shown on your profile. Also maybe allow them the chance to re buy the game and remove the status all together after a couple of years. I say this because people do change over the years. I just feel its just insane at times. Like it puts all games into one category. Also there is a lot of hate that is flamed at vac banned people. People will be afraid of adding them even if they were banned wrongly. It also can makes people harass some of the vac banned people.

Should someone be banned from a single player game because they where cheating in it?

I know this can happen because Black ops 2 single player has vac, and so do some other games. I really don’t see why you should be vac banned because of cheating in a single player game. Valve also just refuses to talk to you about it. Which I feel is somewhat of a great attitude to go about it. The main issue with that attitude though is that, they do not get the false cases. It basically forces people to re buy their whole account because they have one vac ban on their account, that was wrong.

When it is all said and done though, this method seems to please most of the crowd, and it also gives valve a basically endless supply of money. I have only heard of one instance where valve actually removed a vac ban, and that was because of some virus I think.

What do you guys feel about vac? This is more of a discussion I want to see if people behave differently than the common" YOU A PIECE OF ******* HACKER… BLAH BLAH BLAH".

I’m not quite sure what your issue with it is fully. You could really say “its all about the money” towards any game that bans cheaters but in actual fact its not. I think the idea is to generally deter people by making the danger of cheating so apparent. To be honest I don’t know why you would cheat a single player game, especially if you paid for it.

I am not so uch tyring to tlak about what I said. I am mroe of trying to see how everyone else feels about vac, after reading what I posted.

Also it shouldn’t matter if your hacking a single player game or not. I understand multiplier because your getting a unfair advantage, but its a single player game, that stuff doesn’t really matter. Most people that do probably hack single player games are doing it to make it more fun after you have beat it for the 50th time.

Now if you know of a reason as to why you should be banned in a single player game, please tell me. I am being serious about that because I honestly do not see why you should be banned. Maybe seeing it from your point of view could help me see why you should be banned from a single player game.

Also I knew the boxes where coming. I don’t see what is so hard about having a civil conversation over something and acknowledging peoples opinions with respect, but its the internet people will be that way.

VAC is there for a reason - to prevent people associated with hacking from playing with the general public. Complaining about how you need to re-pay for games because you decided to gain an unfair advantage, is like complaining about how you have to pay for a speeding ticket because you decided to exceed the speed limit.

No offense but I don’t think you fully read or understood what I said. I never complained about re buying games if you were rightfully banned instantly. I was talking about over the course of years. I clearly stated it is wrong for people who are wrongfully vac banned, but I do respect your opinion and I agree to this to some extent. I never was against vac completely, I simply was just wondering should some things be changed around.

I am not trying to start a a big huge argument, so I will leave it at that for now with you. I am sorry if I offended you in anyway.

VAC is meant to be strict, if you cheat and get caught, you get VAC banned for a reason. It’s your fault for cheating. VAC bans are a way of teaching people that use cheats to gain unfair advantages a lesson, by taking away the ability to play on there games, so the account is rendered useless and they have to make a new one, and start over.

You hack, you pay the price.

The only issue I have with Vac is the delayed time.

Best thing I can say is, don’t hack, no worry. VAC is great, and shouldn’t change.

This I fully agree on, but I think they did that on purpose to make it harder to determine what hack that banned you.

To say vac is perfect is extremely false. If vac was so perfect people wouldn’t have gotten banned over xfire and stuff. Nothing is truly perfect.

Also from what my friend has told me valve is working on another vac for the next engine and they did not intentionally mean to ban you from every game on that engine. Apparently it was supposed to be, you only get banned from that one game and then after if your caught again your banned from all games that run on that engine. In my opinion that way is better. Permanent bans for every little thing isn’t always a good idea.If you put this into the real world and out of this whole “all hackers do not deserve to play any game” mess, you will see its flawed.

Lets say our criminal system was like that. Well since you stole a pack of gum, THE SENTENCE IS DEATH!!! Since you jay walked THE SENTENCE IS DEATH!!!

Why should someone hacking in a single player game be banned from every other game on that engine?

So lets say you used a trainer in Grand theft auto san andreas, do you feel you should deserve a vac ban status on your profile?

Do you see what I am getting at?

This is why I say vac is not perfect and I hope in the next vac release they fix these issues.

Now I am not saying valve is a horrible cheat protection system its one of the best anti cheats out there , but again it still has its flaws.

lol i think theres a difference between getting injected with deadly toxins and scripting in an internet video game and getting banned everywhere else

maybe you just shouldnt have scripted???

not valves fault you broke their terms and conditions so thats on you

The delayed ban time is one of the most important features since it prevents cheat developers from being garunteed that their cheat is undetected. It also prevents banned players from warning their friends that the cheat is detected now.

If somebody is going to cheat then they should do so understanding what the consequences may be.

No, they do this in real life too. A store might blacklist you if they catch you stealing something and then they won’t want to see you in any of their nationwide stores anymore. But christ, your examples are completely terrible; it’s almost as if you’re trying to go drastically overboard.

Hacking is hacking - end of story. If you don’t like how the game is, use mods or the game’s console (or even “built-in cheats” in the case of Grand Theft Auto). I don’t see why you’re getting so uptight about this.
Oh, and this whole ‘my friend has mysterious information that nobody else has about valve’ is getting old.

Actually I wanted my bans to sound overboard on purpose. I am trying to make you guys see it from a different point of view. I feel most people think vac is this perfect system, when it really isn’t. Personally I do not feel everything deserves a permanent ban.

Now if its multiplayer then i don’t care ban permanently for all I care if they are using aimbots and stuff. I am referring to single player hacking on this.

Like with what I said about single player games. No one has been able to give me a good reason as to why you should be banned from them. You all know there is no reason yet you all avoid it. I have stated this stuff because I wanted to get you thinking out of the same biased brain pattern that most people think in. I wanted to see how the responses would differ when they realize that, but it seems no one is even trying to say something new. It is almost like you guys are afraid to admit vac is not perfect, like you don’t want to think differently in fear of what you may realize. This discussion was not meant to point fingers at people and to say " all hackers are *** they can go burn in ****" sorta deal, but it basically turned into that anyways.

I also never said I was against vac, I have said time after time that it is a good anti cheat protection. I simply was stating it was not as perfect as people see it to be.

Dude, VAC isn’t even in San Andreas. In fact, many single-player games don’t even have VAC enabled except for maybe a few exceptions.

I never said it was perfect.

no one said it was perfect

just dont script and you will be fine quit being a bitch about it

VAC is “perfect” enough that the false ban ratio is MOST LIKELY around 0.0001%, with the only false bans I’ve ever come across was the MW2 false ban, the xfire overlay, and a single virus that caused a VAC ban.

VAC itself is extremely efficient, and cheating is cheating. I have around 4-5 VAC’d accounts and I’ve never complained once or cared. If I cheat, I’m fully deserving of a ban. You’re a little 12 year old that is crying he cant cheat in all of his games. If you don’t want to be banned, Don’t cheat.