Should there be an option to disable "offensive" sprays?

Sometimes i join a server or i join a very popular server, someone sprays something very disturbing … DarkRp is a good example, but yes usually you would get banned for using a innappropriate spray because there is a addon or something that tell you who sprayed it… (tell me if im wrong)

TF2 i think has an ability to disable sprays by using the cl_playerspraydisable 1 but only for the orange box version of the source engine…

I think in gmod the admin/owner can use the cl_removedecals by putting there crosshair on a offensive spray if not, should there be a addon or something that can disable sprays inside your server or is there already something like that …


cl_playerspraydisable 0 should still work in gmod

There’s a checkbox in Options > Multiplayer.

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The thing about Admin decision is the arguably subjective opinion of what an offensive spray is. Who’s the authority on that, especially if something in, say, RP, just walks the very border?

Isn’t there like some sort of addon for handling sprays?

A bit of searching gave me and and

I understand you as the client don’t have much control, but you can ask your server owner to install some or all of these addons to allow their staff to better moderate sprays on their server.