Should there be cars in rust

Do you think that cars should belong in rust. Or would they be too OP if they were. Would you like cars in rust

i seen car resources on the files manifest of rust

It must be pretty close to coming if it does

i think something like a willy jeep could fit in,
but only if the whole map is populated by players, animals and resources

of course u will need a garage :slight_smile:

and this car should be crafted with a high amount of resources and needs fuel too

it should be destroyable and it must be possible to shoot players through the window
and of course your passangers are able to shoot from the inside

They might make the cars or jeeps able to do damage to structures, which could be freaky if your inside but fun in the car

lol, indeed

GTA Online: Zombies

I don’t want it to PROTECT people from stuff, or be used as weapon. I feel that’s an unfair advantage, compared to walking around.
It should be like a boat in Minecraft, it helps you get around, SLIGHTLY fatser, but is still slow compared to IRL.

When the rust section didnt even exist to the public and no one knew about the game, we had cars, ferraris specifically

I don’t think there should be vehicles in the game at all really. Unless they were simple ATVs maybe. The map is small enough to explore all parts before sundown almost. No need for a vehicle.

Nah, worlds to small.

Horses not cars

The road doesn’t even cover half the map though, maybe they should add to the road first.

I don’t think I’d really want cars in the game that much.

I think what would be more interesting and way more reasonable to obtain for some naked dude with a rock would be horses and horse-carriages or chariots.

Maby like really rare motorcrosses or BMX bikes

RUST: Winter is coming

Sleighs not Cars


I had a car a while back when Pat spawned one in. It was kinda cool but didn’t really seem to fit the game.
It got you around fast but idk… Maybe it could be useful to be used as a get-away after raiding someones house.

I don’t see the big deal about cars anyway.

Maybe an armored T-Rex with a saddle might be even cooler than a car.

I would say no to cars, IMO they just wouldn’t fit the style of the game.

Horses maybe, but I’m not sure how we would tame them?