Should there be new added features for context menu and spawn menu for gmod?

For quite some time now, I have thought about the idea that there should be new features added to the context menu and the spawn menu for Gmod. However, I believe that the spawn menu in Gmod now is easy to use, but I think there should be added features that make the spawn menu for Gmod more user friendly. Added features are listed below.

Sandbox tab- This added tab will include special features within the category of “Settings” in which is displayed on the far left corner. These features involve sandbox related settings such as modifying the amount of limits in the game such as rag dolls, npcs, props, etc. Another feature would be being able to set the amount of players in game via the spawn menu instead of starting a new game. This feature will also include an innovative unlimited ammo feature that will be within the menu and within the sandbox tab menu there will be a “unlimited ammo” feature and a check box will be next to the feature and can be enabled or disabled by just clicking on the box.

Seeing that there are already a lot of tabs in the spawn menu, I believe that adding the Sandbox tab labelled “Sandbox” would be a good addition to add to the spawn menu. If people are interested in this idea, feel free to pm me for more ideas, I will try my best to add more ideas of what to add to the new spawn menu, assuming if the features for the new spawn menu are added in the spawn menu for Gmod currently.

New in game context feature: “Scenery” window
I think there should be an added window in the context menu. Currently there is a window labeled “Player model.” The feature that I think should be added would be on the right next to the player model window and the feature is labeled “Scenery.” Throughout my gmod experience I have come across the weathermod that was used in the previous gmod. The feature I am discussing now, will be similar to the weathermod addon but will have more additional features, such as modifying of sliders. When I play gmod, I realize to myself that the environment seems bright and lively. I think it would be cool if there was a way to modify the weather in game. Well, this feature will allow just that. After clicking the “Scenery” window, it will bring up a menu. On the menu there will be a variety of features to modify. First category will be labeled “Weather” and there will be a checkbox next to the weather type. Weather types such as: Sunny, Night, Raining, Thunder, and Snowy. Next to the the check boxes there will be a slider that changes how much you want of the selected weather type u chose.

Added spawn menu feature: **“Friendly AI Npcs” **
After holding the Q key, the spawn menu appears and after that, clicking the npcs tab will bring up the npcs menu. Within this menu I believe there should be an added feature allowing players to make npcs friendly toward them in game. This feature would be in the npcs menu and has a displayed name labeled “friendly npcs.” a check box will be adjacent to the name and can be enabled or disabled by user’s choice. This can work both ways, and holding the C key can have a similar affect. After holding the C key, the context menu appears and after that, npcs is displayed in the far top left corner of the screen. After clicking the name, drop down menu appears afterward. This additional feature of “friendly npcs,” can be added in the context menu alternatively, or work both ways. Context menu and spawn menu having the added feature of “friendly npcs.”

Added feature: "Face posing npcs"
I think there should be an added feature that allows players to face pose human related npcs. Human npcs, not combine, zombies, or aliens. This feature would be labeled “face pose npc.” This feature will be available after holding down the C key and right clicking a human related npc.

Even though this thread is labeled as a “question” I am not saying that all of these features would be added to the menus. These are ideas I came up with and features that I think would be interesting to add to the menus in Gmod to make Gmod’s menus more user friendly for players. Well that is the list of added features I would like to have in the context menu and spawn menu for gmod. If I come up with more innovative ideas on what to add to the menus I will try my best to add them in this thread. Feel free to post a reply to this thread, but please be nice and friendly. I have not posted a thread post for a long time and I am curious of what reply I get from the forum community. Feel free to reply anytime, but be friendly and try not to be disrespectful or rude. Anyhow, I think Gmod is a good game and with the new features I discussed above, I believe that Gmod will be more intuitive and user friendly to new gmod players and toward players in general. Thanks and have a good day.