should we be happy the cheaters are gone?

sure they exploit the game, but it’s alpha (not even beta) that’s what they are here to do? if you guys are just playing the game the way it’s meant to be played and not trying to find an easy way around, are we being bad testers but happy bunnies?

I don’t think people should be banned for exploited faults with the game, if those bugs can be stopped… (I know some can’t, hence vac support) but if everyone played this game the way it was meant to be played now, come launch, this game would be full of holes and open for all eyes to see.

I came from Dust 514 and was a closed beta tester, they released with a shed load of bugs, when we said not to, game got a shit load of poor reviews because of the amount of issues with it, issues that should have been fixed.

limiting the testers to those who only play nice is really hurting the bug finding, I don’t cheat, but I still see the positives of having cheaters in the community. if it’s so easy for cheaters to cheat because of broken game code, then it has a long way to go and should rely on those people to find other work arounds so it’s (more) secure come launch.

New cheaters will pop up, don’t worry. It’s the nature of the beast.

as the cheaters get banned, the “smarter” ones will figure out new ways to exploit the system, start cheating again and then, when detected, will help Facepunch to identify and deal with fixing the the problem.

The ones with more cash than sense on the other hand, will fork out for new copies of the game, funding the dev’s and helping to continue to feed ongoing development.

To be honest, if you think of them as alpha testers in that respect, they’re kind of doing us a favour.

In the meantime, should you be happy they’re gone for a bit? Absolutely, enjoy having a little extra peace and quiet between hack waves while you can get it. Does it make you a bad tester? Nope. They’re fulfilling their role, you’re fulfilling yours.

Cheaters will never be gone.

@CaptainAwesom and RealGenius:
Fix your Steam ID. Just noticed that.

Are you talking about VAC ban or server ban? Exploiters are not VAC banned. Hackers are. Hackers need to be banned; exploitation is a bit of a grey area since it is alpha. However, if it’s a well known exploit and it’s being abused, then they probably should be server banned.

The problem is that you don’t need to use the hacks to report the bugs. The problem with the people being vac banned, is they have no intention of sharing information on the potential holes in the system. In many cases, they don’t even understand how the cheat or hack they are using even works.

These players who are being vac banned aren’t exploiting bugs in the game. They aren’t, say for instance, exploiting something that happens naturally in the game, such as door failing to close under certain condition (hypothetical). Those would be exploiters, which while they are bad, are better than hackers. The hackers are altering files, or adding in addition pieces of code to exploit the system. That goes beyond exploitation of the game.

brain? no!
there are cheaters in EVERY game, AAA titles, AA titles, indie games…whatnotelse
its not due to broken game code…why are you even talking about something you have no knowledge about?

cheaters arent helpful at all, this conclusion is the heaviest fail i read this year.

They are.
They show that the game has gaps which needs to be fixed.

Sorry to break it to you brah… but them cheaters are not gone. Just had their toy taken away from them until they find a new one… and there is always going to be a new toy they can play with.

Oh I wouldnt say that, one of the MMO’s I worked on needed the cheaters to point out the epic fail in the way that user accounts were being handled in the system memory for us to realise there even was a problem, and I’m sure we weren’t the “exception” to a rule.

Once we figured out what they were doing, the issue was fixed, cheaters lost an exploit and user accounts were made a lot more secure.

Cheating or hacking happens because someone is able to figure out a way to make the system do something unintended, either by design or by modifiying the system in some way.
Broken code, not validating input properly and just not thinking about handling server/client transactions securely account for more hacks and cheats than you might expect.

was about to say, but well said.

Cheating isn’t just about pissing off everyone else. Sure it might seam like that when it goes viral, but the person that found it, they spent time looking into it, they have the thought process and foresight to see a functionality and compose a way of using it to their advantage. Sadly those methods get out into the public and then you see joe blogs flying in the air naked. But imho people who know how to get around your security are worth keeping around. “keep your friends close, your enemies closer” so to speak.

aimbots CANT be fixed (example)

alpha/beta testers are therefor to reports bugs, glitches and exploits without using external code injection like cheaters do

Nope, they made the game fun.

They can’t prevent aimbots and Co. permanently, that’s right.
But if they see there are working cheats, they will try to make them useless.
Maybe they even can download and check them. If they know how the cheats works, they can fight it.

But I think VAC is managing the whole cheat protection atm.
And how you can see it works with a lot of people.
Sure, not with all, but nothing is perfect.

Fixed, thanks for highlighting :slight_smile: I even have a better ID now :slight_smile:

That’s how I got my job on the MMO’s lol…

Injecting code and memory modification is no less valid a means of testing the system than anything else.

In the case I referred to, the accounts problem was due to the fact that the client handled authentication in plain text and that once a session was authenticated, the server would assume anything you requested (like another users characters) were still authenticated and legitimate requests. This issue would never have been realised without using a memory editor, but allowed any user with half a brain and the right tool to log in as another user and rip off their accounts with impunity.

It doesn’t matter how a hack or exploit is detected or abused. The issue is that there is some problem that makes the system exploitable in the first place, wether its assuming trust with a client system, forgetting to validate input (like some old online shops, allowing users to order negative numbers of items to get a refund and quite often the item as well) or anything else.

Aimbots can be fixed. They’re fixed all the time. And just as often as they are made, the means they use to inject themselves into the client is blocked, and a new cycle of finding an exploit, using it and blocking it begins. Such is life on the internet, enjoy your stay.

Nevermind it’s working now.
Did you fix it or what happened? :v:

hehe yeah, I did a silly

I can agree with the sentiment that cheaters help to test alpha code. However, the difference is, if I find a bug, I report it. If a hacker finds a bug, they don’t report it. So, they don’t really help test alpha code after the initial person who used the bug is caught.

it’s hacks lol, not actual exploits with the game. they aren’t helping with shit, they’re just trying to piss people off.