Should we really trust Source 2 as Game Engine?

Hello, in this thread I want to put forward my speculations about Source 2 and the development of S&box on this engine.
For many years I worked with Source 1, it was both awful and pleasant at the same time and i really loved (and love) that engine for many years before I came to the conclusion that the engine is already very outdated. I had to work with UE4 for about a month, I am quite passionate about the topic of game development, level design and I can say for sure what UE4 can, but I can’t say what Sourсe 2 can. Doesn’t this seem like a serious, time consuming and risky step for Garry and team? After all, no one has yet to work on this engine, developing first person game, perhaps something will happen that can interfere with the development, or the freedom of action will not be enough to call it a sequel of Garry’s mod. After all, everyone should understand, no matter how much love we have for Source, it remains a “corridor engine”. Maybe Source 2 is just a blanket under which there is Source 1? Now it can be said very roughly, but can’t UE4 “pretend” to be Source, than Source will “pretend” to be UE4? I am very afraid that the engine will not live up to expectations and we will all have to rake it out.

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source 2 has already proven its worth :S


:thinking: I mean regardless of how Source 2 lives up to our expectations, it still makes the most sense and is the next step in the “natural progression” of things

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Yeah you can “trust” the game engine because well its a tool that lets you make content and creative things.
The game engine is just a tool… what you need to start with is trust yourself and believe in yourself.

Because sir you can do it, you got this, your amazing. Stay positive my friend.

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Sometimes you need to move from the positive to the realism point of view.

I had to work with UE4 for about a month, I am quite passionate about the topic of game development, level design

there’s the problem

UE4 has a devious way of blinding you with its shiny content creation tools - the materials system, the animation blueprints, the level building tools
But what it doesn’t show you, is that under the hood its the most enourmous pain to develop in if you’re going for anything more than a basic tutorial project.

UE4 cripples programmers as much as it empowers content creators

thats why garry is now using source 2

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I don’t really care what engine s&box is on to be honest. We’ve seen good features from UE & Source 2 engines so far. To be honest, the main thing that source 2 has over UE is the quality of VR support, of which i’m really looking forward to in s&box.

Thanks for the info, it’s really helpful

Well, as you can see, to each his own. For example, I dream about the absence of limits in Source 2

I don’t think source 2 is going to be as limiting as you think. They’ve got the entire engine source code and can always put in the effort to expand the engine as we go along, sure it’ll take development time to do, but s&box will most likely be pretty big at that stage.

The absence of limits in source 2 would mean creating your own game engine.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Do they have the engine source code? Didn’t Garry just get the Half Life Alyx sources?

They have the entire HL:A repository, including engine source code, source assets, everything. It’s about 2TB worth if i remember correctly.


If everything is as you say, then it radically changes the situation.

Source 2 made by Valve. We can trust Valve. Yes.

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I don’t see why not. I love Source. UE may be fancy, but there is something special with source and source engine based games.

Unreal 4 is not suitable for modding

And that’s also the main thing. S&box, to properly live up to the expectations we have from Gmod, has to be suitable for mods and addons.

If not things like we see in wouldn’t be possible, and that would defeat the purpose of the game.