Should we run forever in rust or why dont make HORSES?


I just thinking about that sometime you need to run to some place and it takes long time to get there. Why dont implement horses? But it will be
kind a hard craftable and even when horse is ready you need to feed it or horse will die.

Kinda a wierd idea but it would be fun to ride a horse instead of running across whole map.

Sounds maybe like an stupid idea?

I actually think that would be pretty cool. They could be wild horses and you have to tame them.

But I’m sure that won’t happen.

You can do what i do…I have several bases at key locations. I just strip down to nothing, remove all gear then suicide to a sleeping bag at another location where I have gear. Then just re-equip my stuff from the storage chest at each base.

Base hopping helps me cover large distances quickly.

They are already working on horses. Check out rustafied or the rustupdates twitter feed history.

do you tame them with carrots?

I’d love to tame a bear and use that as a mount.

Apples. (which are already in game.)

Please add craftable horses, TIA.

“…combine 75 animal fat, 4000 wood, 300 stone, and 100 leather jackets. Build time, 25 minutes”

Hey, look at this cool huge horse. Let’s wheel it into our base.

Not relastic to the game to have crafted horses, if so we need lightning to unleash this monstrosity “Frankenstein” creation.

wild horses… semi hard to be tammed…

You mean like this: