Should we use Expression 1 tool again?

I think that the E2 is just a maze, just worse.
I do things it tell me i have to do and it still says its wrong,
In Expression 1 is just easy, if nobody cant do anything can you give me a
link to download wire_expression.lua that should be hidden in folder C:…garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\wire\lua\weapons\gmod_tool\stools if you still have Expression 1 in your GMOD.
I hope it still there and thanks if oou like to do that.


You think E2 is worse because it’s nearer an actual scripting language that your simple mind can not comprehend.

Nearer script language? Then the language is inpossible.
I give oyu an example how it is like, You tell me get coffee and i give you coffee, when i give you you tell me you want juice, then i come with tje juice, then you tell me you want coffee.
It tell me something then it changes mind after that, when i agree it changes mind again.
Itt either something wrong with my E2 or it just so hard language that it tell me to do this command: If (([)}A }]==)[ 1) = ư0ሡᪿ◄…
and stuff

if (I == 12) {Q = 0} #If I is 12, then set Q to 0
if (inrange(Q,0,100)) {Q = 101} #If Q higher than 0, and lower than 100, Q = 101.
if (owner():name():find(“whos”)) {print(“Hello Whosdr!”)}
#If your name contains the word ‘whos’, print Hello Whosdr! into chat.

The reason i want the Expression one cause it easy to do this:
If “Input” == "Value -> “Output” == “Value”
And another i do not remember dont remember but i can try say it:
“Input” += “Value” -> “Output” + “Value”
Thats the main reason, i cant do those easy expressions anymore, if i try on E2 i need a whole tutorial how to use E2

“Input” += “Value” -> “Output” + “Value”

if (“Input” += “Value” >= “Output” + “Value”) then

If you think E2 is difficult have fun with C++

Really, E2 is far easier than expression 1. Did you even see how each line is a separate bar? Not to mention the FUNCTIONALITY. Expression 1 was a glorified calculator. E2 is as powerful as the player can make it.