Should you buy rust? (vid)

Hey guys I just wanted to share some funny moments I had with my clan. quality is decent however 1080p is always recommended.



Very funny, and loved the part where everyone surrounded that guy and did like a ritual

Thank you! I was hoping someone would say that, it was my favorite part. :dance:

Awesome!! i love this!! what is the first song called? and the second 1? xD

Lol…that was worth it…

The first song is,

The second,

Thanks alot dude :slight_smile:

Wow thanks for the views guys I wasn’t expecting anything. :dance:
Since this thread seems dead already i’ll probably stop posting. I do have plans to make a whitelist pvp server but I will post that some other time.

OMG Thanks so much for this video. Seriously laughed my ass off. I wish i had more times like this. Just wondering was this on an official server or a private server. Let me know which one so i can come and look for you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well its not my server it was one we joined a while ago now. However I am working on a server for my clan and we will be looking for other groups to join. Just add me on steam if your interested. (gunp0int)

Wow over 800 views guys! Thanks a ton! I can tell that most of them came from this forum. :dance:

11 Posts, 6 of them you own.
Speaks Volumes.

Hey once I got views I got excited who wouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue: