Should Your Friends have complete access to your Building?? (Permission System)

If only there was a system in place where the owner of a building could share ownership with a friend/clan.
I for one am tired of having to open countless doors for my friends to let them in and out of the complex.

There are many factors why i think their show be a permission system. (But i will name a few)****

(Eg Some players would just share the one building hence having less individual building on the map, which in-turn creates less stress on the server)
As well as may benefits for everyone weather defending or raiding etc

HAVE YOUR SAY :smiley:

(I’m sure that this should have already been brought up, If it has i do apology’s for making another thread) BUT THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE

Or just have an item " key " that you can craft and give to others so they can open your doors

I like the idea of keys in combination with traps. So people have to get the key and then also have to know the way trough the traps to get further.

We need more systems in place then just the doors, imagine a shotgun trap when someone opens the door and makes a step into the wire the shotgun will blow his head off.

Keys that can be collected when someone murders you? Not that the big boys need worry about keys but the sharing or keys that aren’t physical items wouldn’t be a bad idea to allow friendlies to get access. Can see a whole other level of trolling… though still be better :slight_smile:

I’d assume by the time there is electrity (generators, solar panels) we’ll start seeing traps, electric fences and stuff like that.

How is that a bad thing? If when you get murdered you can have your key stolen, that should make people think twice before attacking people, seeing as they can loose access to their base(for a while, read on.). Sounds cool if you ask me.

Besides, if you do loose your key, you should be able to forge a new key that fits your locks(I mean, if you made the first key, you should have the schematic for that particular key, right?.), that way, you can regain access to your base if you loose your key, if you can just get the mats together. Then you can have a feature to change locks (or just replace the door) so that whoever took your key can’t use it.

Helk has already stated, which you would find out about by searching instead of spamming, that you will be able to share a passcode for a combination lock on each door soon.

then when you are killed, ppl can loot it and walk in your house?
no thank you
every time you run outside just to get resources you are at risk of losing your keys and forfeiting your entire base.

not entirely sure how its gona work but this already sounds much better

Since the topic came up again, here was my idea on the issue:

Well, key-pads could be a end-game item with an increadibly low drop rate…

It’s Great to see Dev’s reading and Commenting on peoples ideas and actually taking action on them.

I take my hat off to them^^

Well done Community members and Dev’s for your views and opinions on tough topics.

I’ve always wanted an actual permission system, I wrote about how keys would be pretty awesome as a feature. You couldn’t access some doors without the key and you can craft additional keys that replicate your original door key and you can give them to your trusted friends and if you/they die with it, they can loot the key. Although it may be difficult to find which key would open which door, just an idea that can be expanded upon.

Good men !

Yeah, this way bases could operate without the owner of the doors having to be on.

I don’t know if there should be like a key or if it should operate like this:
Maybe there is a party of people and everyone who is in that party is able to open or close the doors of the other people in that party. Online or not.

Simple 2 solutions have system where you can add friends to house or doors or have key code panel. key code panel will prevent people from running into house instantly too… since it takes time to press those buttons

Salem the game did it the best way…a perma-death hardcore sandbox mmo. There was an extra slot in inventory for a key-chain, which was “not” dropped upon getting knocked-out (which was essentially killed, but not ‘murdered’).

The player can ‘learn’ how to make a key-chain, master key and copy key. Once a key chain is made, the player can make a master key and place the combination in that locked inventory slot. The player can place many keys on the same key-chain. The player can make a copy of the key and ‘bind’ it to another player, then give that player their own key to the same door. But the copy can not be used to make additional copies.

If a player happens to have the key or key-chain in their main inventory, it is lootable.