ShouldCollide - Getting which vertices are colliding, and getting their pos

Is this possible? I just need to get the pos and check if it’s below a certain point, to make nocollided ents touch the floor.

Wait, what?

I want to make ents nocollided touch the floor below a certain point, but touch nothing above that point.

Not likely to work. You’ll probably have to take the same route the Portal developers did, and place physics boxes around it corresponding to the actual world environment around each side of the portal - that is, trace to the floor and nearby walls in front of it and create boxes for that, then do the same from the other portal and create boxes behind the wall corresponding to the environment around -that-. Have fun.

I.E. Its going to be fucking hard.

Beyond that, ShouldCollide isn’t called when the collision happens, so there is no way to get the collision point.

Oh… oh god. I’m scared. Is it possible to make a solid Quad/Plane?