Notes: This addon was made from scratch and yes, takes the idea of this script however you can see that mine has a completely different design and is not exactly like that one (just the same idea)

What is this?
This is a simple shoutbox for garrysmod! This will allow players to post in the shoutbox so other players can see! This addon should support all gamemodes but was only tested on darkrp

Current Features
1.) Nice GUI
2.) Ability to post in the shoutbox
3.) Shows the players avatar when on the server
4.) Shows unlimited amount of shouts
5.) Admins can remove shouts
6.) Only will display a certain amount of text
7.) Config to change who has admin access
8.) Open the menu with chat command
9.) Open the menu with console command
10.) Displays time that the shout was posted
11.) Will still show the offline users name
12.) Post count in the top corner

Features to come:
1.) Ability to post more than once
2.) Ability to rate posts up or down
3.) Sort posts by date or name
4.) Search function
5.) Add offline avatars?
6.) Ban people from shouting
7.) Comments
8.) Whatever you want! Comment below!

Sorry no video this time im looking for a better way to edit and post to youtube please let me know what all of you guys use!!!

First menu with no shouts
After clicking the shout button
After typing what you want to post
When someone posts
Multiple people posting (says offline when the person is on on the server)
Going to remove the post (needs to be the poster or a admin)

Download from github

If you have problems please let me know below! Thanks!

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What’s the point of having something like this when you have a chatbox?

Well you can see what’s up with the server from different dates meaning if something happones one day and someone shouts it you can read it the next day

I love it.

Could it be possible to use a Database then I can use that in my PHP work?

I’m sure it’s possible I’ll look into it! If you already know how you can contact me on steam and we can talk!

When would people use the shoutbox over the chatbox? Also seems kinda hard to be using the shoutbox while playing.

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Seems like something that would be better as enhancements to the chatbox.

What do you mean by enhancements to the chatbox?

You could connect the chatbox with the shoutbox, so if someone posts something in the chatbox, it gets automaticly added in the shoutbox. Depending on the OP if he adds an working ‘API’.

This is a good idea I will look into this! But the files would get too big

As in having a custom chatbox that includes the default chatbox features + ones the shoutbox has.

What’s the point of people bashing him? It’s not going to help at all, really. OP said he got the idea from here, so why not bash her?

That makes absolutely no sense.

Him* but no it’s criticism and I like it. I will add more features to it soon but right now this can be used for just shouting things to the server

its one simple hook ._.

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Niandra is a girl… dont let her hear that you said him!! >:O

I mean the data files and I thought you were talking about me (when you said her) i’m aware she’s a girl whoops haha