Shoutout to Garry and the devs

hey guys I last played rust in Jan 2014 when it was an unoptimized piece of shit but decided to get on for the past couple days with my much younger brother (who I do not see much as our parents are divorced) and let me say it has been loads of fun. most of my friends have been skeptical of buying it as it’s early access but to me it feels like rust is really shaping up to be a great game. naked men have shown up at our base door swinging hatchets and battling them off with wooden spears alongside my brother has honestly been the funniest shit. i will also never forget running for my life from 2 naked men with buckets on their heads. the sound you get from being shot in the back of the head with an arrow nearly made me shit myself. good work and keep it up i can’t wait for the finished product