Shovels in progress?

Listed on concept art in Rust Art.

Here are some ideas I’m gonna be using the shovel for, hiding in holes, placing spikes in holes, hiding dead bodies in holes and pooping in holes.

i would like the idea of murder holes

it could be awesome if you could hide a secret stash somewhere (underground),
and only you know where it is by following a special mark that only you can see.
While other can still dig it up >)
It can add a nice treasure hunting aspect to the game

How funny would it be if when you buried something there was a dirt mound where you buried it to show the ground had been moved recently, so if you look carefully you can see where people might have buried treasure. But instead of burying treasure you could put like a grenade/landmine there so when you dig it up you get blown up :ppp

“Oh sweet, someone’s stash, imma be rich-” BOOM!!!

Could be useful to survive the first few nights cause making a house is kinda hard on the first day, so you could just dig a hole and bury yourself for the night, that way no one will find you even if the mud is still fresh cause its dark, and you get a real chance to survive longer then 20 minutes (1-2 days)

Could be kinda useful but all in all it only takes about 10 minutes to make a 1X1 house and then another 20ish tops for a metal door. If you do it right with a little luck you can be pretty safe in 15-20 mins time in a 1X1 that requires C4 to enter.

On a higher pop server though that 30 minutes can be extremely stressful and dangerous, with all due respect. Being completely exposed and having to travel to multiple destinations to get the resources needed to securely hide your stuff is tough for new players.

Hopefully they can be used as weapons.

Would be cool. But since i’m guessing it’s just a concept and it still has to be modelled i’m thinking it won’t be in the next ‘big patch’ directly. Would be great if they could add something like this though. Like said before in this thread: could add a nice twist regarding traps and hiding stuff.

If, they ever do update anything. That is.

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