Show list of connected players on Loadscreen

I’ve seen one server have this functionality, and I was wondering how I can implement this onto my webpage

In the end result, I want to display user profile names and their avatars

Sockets could do the trick.
Have a socket on the server bound to some port and that responds to a query made by the php page.

Creating a HTTP server in Lua is a lot easier imo.

This one is also pretty useful:

…I wonder if anyone’s tried a Lua-based HTTP server that could be used as a fastDL repository?

Now granted my only experience with LuaSocket is writing a MUD and some (failed) experimentation with Telnet negotation, but a man can dream of not needing to install wampserver one more time

I’ve done it before, however for FastDL I had to put it behind an nginx cache server because it shat itself with more then 1 user.