Show Text on HUD for 4 seconds when...

I need a script to show text on the HUD for 3 seconds when the player switches weapons.

Where’s the code that you’ve got so far?

-snip- Do what the guy below me said.

Uh… what? You are incorrect, you can use PlayerBindPress with the slot<n> commands. slot1 means the player has just pressed the key for selecting slot 1. You’ll probably want to do stuff for invnext and invprev otherwise it’ll only do stuff when people press the key instead of scrolling.

Right, I had forgotten that hook existed. Never actually gotten around to using it. Use **[Gamemode.PlayerBindPress](** then.

What about **[Input.IsMouseDown](** ?
Most people have switch weapons binded to MOUSE_WHEEL_UP and MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN. I tried this with an until loop and a timer but when the key was pressed the game would stop doing everything for the alloted time and then show the text for a fraction of a second

Did you post a white picture?

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