Show us your first posings so we can feel better about ourselves knowing it's not just our n00b posings that were terrible.

Honestly I was always better then my friends at this, so I thought I was pretty good, but I wasn’t…I also can’t stand my damn personality back then.

My very first posing ever made ever.

Another very early posing, this time I got the ragdoll to sit.

I have three pictures of this same posing, so I’ll just share the one that shows everything.

I no doubt thought that this next posing was amazing when I made it, notice the lack of fingerposing, now I always fingerpose, back then at that stage I either just learned to pick ragdolls up by the chest or I was still picking them up by the head.

(Also it said "This was hard to pose, which it was for a complete newbie like me at the time.)

So, as I got more advanced in my posings, this began to happen.

I discovered the dystopia ragdolls and much fun was had.

Here are some posings that take place in xen or something, feat. not gordon freeman.

Now that I’ve shared all of my newbie posings, you should too! I mean, the title kind of implies that.

Oh yeah, I think it was in gmod beta, I made some majora’s mask posing.

Can you please thumbnail your images.

Alright, everyone started at some point:[/t]


This is the first one I posted here.[/t]

And these are a couple of others.



Some of my first poses looked something like


yes hello[/t][t][/t]

this is bad content

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Some of my first poses looked something like

Sweet jesus, the way you posed samus…looks odd.

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Was that a joke? I think the soldier and antlion pose is pretty good.

compare it to my current stuff


it’s pretty fuckin shit m8

2008 is the earliest I can find. Have to check my old computer at some point this week for some real trash.

I just realized how I’m still learning a lot about posing, I mean, I don’t even edit in photoshop to change lighting or anything, and sometimes it’s still pretty dodgy and odd.

The legs are a bit weird and the lighting is just so bland.

loving the idea behind this, very Lovecraft

Where it all began:’s%20mod%20Screenshots/oldgmod%20stuff/gm_construct0039.jpg

Man, gmod9 was the shit.

[sp]recreated in gmod13 cuz i couldn’t find the original masterpiece[/sp][/t]


Those are the earliest I could find, I dropped gmod for a while then started again in 2009 and classified the poses in folders, from 2009 to 2010 :


sigh good old times

Yeah. . …

Yeeeaaaay, cum rain!
I made that instead of rain on my first try too, Proto.

Haven’t posted things here, but I have uploaded these to the screenshots in Gmod.

I’m pitiful, these are fairly recent too.

I still have this one from 2011.