Show your custom map stuff

I don’t know how to make this category more active so this is where you can show your custom map stuff I guess.
-if this thread won’t work then at least I’ll show my crap to some random people that probably don’t even care-


Fantastic work as always!


We do care! I don’t play rust at all, but from the screenshots they are obviously well crafted environments with an eye for gunplay scenarios (all the cover on that first building from an aerial view) I do love the design of the city with connected bridges, I can easily see that being a cool feature. They look pretty impressive!
One thing I can recommend that you try out is methods to break up the monotony of the regular buildings you have, like for example broken windows, balconies, even emergency access stairways.

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If it wouldn’t hurt the performance then I would do a full scale city with fully detailed interior, however excessive prefab count causes some problems. I’m actually amazed I was able to make something even like this - not super detailed but at least looks OK.

Also monotony is something that I really like in these things. Mixed with abandoned feeling it gives me some odd nostalgia vibes…


This map is nice, but I think there’s a problem, on the third screen, there’s some stairs and they look like it’s just been done, I would tell you to make them more destroyed to be the same with the environment. I’m not mapping in rust, cause I never wanted too, so I don’t know if it’s possible. Also, this map sound pretty good!

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