Showcase of some models made for S&box / source 2

These are some models I’ve been creating in anticipation of S&box. Originally I started making some of these for custom Half-Life Alyx maps, but once I heard about S&box I began making models for that. Most of these are rendered in Blender, but some are screenshots of ModelDoc as I was practicing importing models and materials into source 2. If anyone has ideas for models feel free to post them in the comments.


Love these, reminds me of Naval Play, which I dearly hope is remade in S&box, this just reminds me how awesome it would look, given the water shader and improved localized physics.


nice, i like these models you beautiful man

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Very beautiful model


good job

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The weapons and cars look really sleek.
Great stuff :+1:

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These are looking great! It’s fun to build up content.

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I like the design work you have going on with the metallic models;- the little scratches of point alongside the toughness of the edges really come out well.

Your cannon looks nice, but the holder feels a bit plastic? I think it might be the regular smoothed edges, perhaps some notches of irregularities or flatter edges that work well with the wood texture would alleviate this.

Your barrel notches looks quite smooth, think about the places rust will likely build up, and sharper edges of the more prominent bands would break up the barrel more. This will probably fix the smooth plastic feeling it has.

As said before, I love your metalwork! The edges and outside of the radios looks great with the nicks of paint missing near the edges. May I recommend a bit more detail on the front panel near the knobs? They don’t really feel attached properly to the radio, and just feel stuck on.

I love your pistol, you can tell thought was put in on the wood grain on the handle, alongside the slight wear near the base of it. I’m not an expert on guns, but this looks really great to me. Awesome!

I think you did an equally great job of the ak’s details, it’s really good! One thing though; since you have much more wood and metal material, you need some larger variations to make each part of the weapon look more distinct. Perhaps some light-coloured wear on the front wooden handle? Or just a larger slight tint to the metal than changes from one side to another. These would go a long way to make the weapon feel less like a perfect model.

Everyone loves some new batteries! I like the decals toy made for the side, including the little warning symbols. Perhaps toke down the reflectively? It looks quite shiny…

Yet again your metalwork is great, I love the rough paint along the top of the grenade, and the wear around the fragmentation areas. Well Done!

Your little toy car is not what I expected after the theme of your other images :smile: You have though about how the middle window looks like plastic, along with the manufacturing edges the toy has along the bonnet and the top of the roof where it would be assembled. I think you’ve managed to get your texturing down well here, nice one!


I appreciate the compliments on the metalwork as I put a good amount of time in on that, and this is some really good advice, thank you!


I love the barrel.


Some office themed props


Woah, super impressive work man!


Impressive! Can’t wait to use these.


these look great!

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Optimise them for VR… why is a single battery so high quality… Should be 1k polygons and ~256x256 textures…

S&box isn’t a vr game. The devs want to support vr but it isn’t a priority.

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Correct. That is what Garry said here if anyone want a proof:


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I imagine the battery being used as more of an arcade-style pickup for some kind of energy bar, in that case, it would be much larger but currently, it’s only 800s tris. I believe half-life Alyx used 4k textures mostly, but don’t quote me on that.

4K textures can be 16-60mb each… they’re used for floor and walls and anything large you look at from inches away. A battery on a hand/gun model would maybe use 2k. 60mb x 50 models = 3gb video ram. 2k textures are up to 16mb each.

At a glance, if the metalness/smoothness/colour is right, then that makes a bigger impact, imo.

The office ones are great! Something like it would fit into my School map well.