Does anyone here show their mapping creations to their family or friends?
I sorta do, just because no one else maps for games where I live.

I showed my girlfriend, then she gave me a blowjob.

My mom will come in here every now and again and If I just finished off a compile she will say oh thats cool.

She saw my cave, the one I posted in the pimpagethread, and she said she had nightmares about it. :buddy:

I’ll sometimes show my dad when I get a map looking really good. I’ll also whip out my laptop at school and start working on something in hammer (unless I’m taking my netbook with me that day), and sometimes someone will walk by and ask what I’m doing so I’ll run a quick compile for them (just set VRAD to fast and uncheck HDR).

Ah,like I said no one in my area makes maps, so I feel awesome, theres an internet cafe that you pay 2 bucks an hour to use a pc, they offered me a job there, best part is that it has all games from steam and more.

TL:DR: I’ll map in front of 30 computer-illiterate people.

I would take that job.

…basically me at school. Although I did get a few people interested in mapping. Now this has been in the last month or so during summer, and this person just so happens to be going to college next year, so it’ll still be me mapping and programming in front of a bunch people who just think that games just somehow appear or something.


also, I do go to an internet cafe where you pay $2 an hour to use a computer when my friends don’t want to bother with arranging a full-blown LAN party.

…the name of this place doesn’t happen to be eCyberDeck, does it? (if it does, do you live near UCI?)

Irvine? Nope Montebello its called C-Ring, its gonna be my next year summer job if they remember me, It will give me the money I need for football(ignore derail).

One of my friends maps, but hes not good yet. Also I’m taking a computer hardware class this coming year, and I think that I’m the only one who knows their shit before starting that class. Easy A+

My dad takes a vague interest occasionally, but he’s more interested in the coding than the mapping.
Generally I don’t feel the need to show anyone my mapping though.

I don’t really show anyone, my brother sees shit, he maps for Warcraft 3 which is kind of cool. My dad knows I map for sure and knows how hard it is, seeing as he used to be a very hardcore CS fan. Mom somewhat knows, not as much though. They’re all pretty interested, and it’s kind of obvious I’m smarter game development wise out of my family.

I’m the only person I know IRL that plays games on a computer. I think some of my friends know that I map but have never seen anything I’ve made. My dad will sometimes ask what I’m making and watch for a minute or two. My mom could care less. She hates me being on the computer alot. I don’t think she knows I map at all. My little brother knows I map but usually doesn’t say much about them. He’s the only person I show my maps to.

My brother dislikes what I do in Hammer

…I taught him the basics…

My family probably think hammer is a game…

My mum thinks I’m playing games when I’m actually mapping. As a result I get a lot of “stop playing games and go do…”.

My mother thought Facepunch was a communist forum because of the logo

Who says it isn’t… :ninja:

I dunno why, but if I’m mapping or modelling I minimise what I’m doing if someone comes in.

What, are you mapping or modeling dicks? :v: I kid.

My family don’t give a shit, to them it’s just some colors on a screen.


My brother cares. We like to look at each others programming / mapping projects.

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