Showdown in the wastelands (My first serious scenebuild)


Looks very open. May we have the birds view?

Sure, just one moment. I shut down my gmod just now, but I got the save up.

Also, It is very open due to that the terrain would block the view, but anyways, I’ll take a screenshot in one moment.


I added all the props besides the boat to the south.


And the containers.

Why are the shadows blue?

Map issiue, I tried to get rid of them alltogether.

Really empty, needs more props to make it look like more wastelandish.

Anyone else notice the dead guy hanging under the tower?

Yeah, I love the attention to detail. The posing is nice, the terrain looks way too clean in my opinion, but that’s somewhat difficult for you to change. Arty for you :3:

Sand looks too much like hayish carpet

you should have added shadows with gimp or photoshop

Woohoo! My first arty, thanks.

I rated myself bad reading just so I could see it! :3: