Take your pick on the music.

Why is it blurry?

That’d be the Gmod super DoF. It looked a lot better when I took the screenshot in-game.

I’m guessing you took the screenshot with f12/clicking or whatever and then uploaded it somewhere?

Why couldn’t you just restart the game, load a save and redo it?

No DoF

The Tiger duel in ‘Fury’ inspired me to do this scene. A tank crew is nothing more than a handful of men, trained and conditioned to the point where the execution of their specific role is to make out the machine they inhabit to be a living entity, a living, breathing, instrument of war, an organism able to carry out relentless destruction against their foe. Most modern day main battle tanks are matched, and the ability of one’s tank to triumph over another is decided upon the crew’s ability to conduct symbiosis efficiently. I related the music to this scene with purpose. I compared these tank crews, whom have extreme familiarity and expertise with their vehicles. Comparable to that of Western gunslingers facing off against each other at high noon, or skilled swordsman whom have made their instrument an extension of their body.

If you could have relayed that into a scene somehow, a picture with that emotion would be great.

No dof version is better to me

Yeah there are a lot of little details that I put into this scene like brass scattered all over the street from past firefights, tiny pieces of debris, etc. that were made invisible by the DoF. A lot of it isn’t even visible in the picture without DoF so oh well.

The music combination is absolutely awesome!