Showing only unsecured servers because VAC banned or EAC not enabled

Hello guys, I have a such problem. I was creating my own server earlier and I used a fly plugin. And I was adding a Rust IO map. The problem was appears after this things. When I tried to connecting my own server again (I was admin) - he was disconnected me with EAC:Unconnected reason. Then all servers started to kick me with same reason. There are typed to me in console - Showing only unsecured servers becaause you are VAC banned or EAC not enabled. I was deleted my server, deleted all EAC files from client and rechecked Rust files from Steam as adviced on this forum. I tried to connect to server from internet (Stoprust) - good. But if I exit a game and starting Rust again - the problem with showing servers and EAC unconnected appears again. WTF? My own server banned me and brakes me my Rust playing :suicide: Ideas? My friend with his server recents a such problem when he installed IO plugin. But he is deleted server and install them again and he don’s have this problem. He said too that he found a something like a virus or another garbage in the system32 folder after this shit IO plugin. He checked files in system by the date creating. Maybe virus? Antiviruses found nothing. Thanks.

Does your Steam profile now say “VAC Bans: 1”?

Because that’s why you can’t see secured servers.

And if that’s the case, NOBODY on this forum can do anything about it, contact Steam Support.

You may also wish to do some malware scans if you’re certain you haven’t been cheating.

Also, if your fly plugin is installed in your client, not the server, that’s not a " plugin" but a hack, and that’s why you’re banned, for cheating.

Hmmm… strange… I said I can to connect to all servers after deleting ALL dll files with “easyanticheat” and "EAC"names and following checking Rust files in Steam. Steam surely says me that 13 files are corrupted and restoring them. I am connecting to server, then exit Rust. Starting Rust again and I can’t see all secured servers. I am repeating a step about deleting dlls. And etc etc… I think I am not banned.
In secondary - IYes I am sured - I am not a cheater. Fly plugin for Oxide I cant install for client))) Only server) It was my own server with a suite of plugins including fly and Rust:IO. After last two plugins I was receive problem of this thread)
ps. by the way I am trying to start the Rust from Linux Mint))) I hope… it will be cure from this headpain)

right click


local files

verify integrity of game cache

Yes, JINX, thanks, I used this method after deleting dll’s of EAC. More than - i was deleted all files of Rust and steam including folders from appdata, system32 (some steam settings) etc. Maybe malware… I am under linux now… I was started Rust now and playing is available. I will check for a viruses etc my windows partition… If I remember my friend’s problem - he instaled RustIO map too. And this plugin starting web-server on the port 28015. Maybe there are blocking this port and EAC using them and he is can’t connect to Rust or something like… hmm
Ok, thanx to all…still thinking

Oh, you’re on Linux! I can see your OS/browser icons now, too, so that’s clear. (They aren’t visible on the first post for me; it happens sometimes on this forum.)

Hmm. Yeah, there’s probably an EAC problem.

However, I’m no expert on EAC for Linux, so I’d wait for eac knubbe or one of the other EAC folks to see this thread.

Ok. Thanx. So, there are normal work under Linux. Except unavailability of Russian language and… non writable text in english) Many artefacts in text in Rust. aah… I am forgotten - the thread’s problem was under Windows 8.1) I was installed Linux to check with guarantees of normal work of Rust) And my friend’s server is connecting to me under Linux too. I will check my windows…

Well, it could be either, and I’m not sure if EAC has a working Linux build, although I thought they did.

EAC is working with Rust Linux… I think. Ibecause Rust is working absolutely normally under them. I was rebooted into the DoctorWeb LiveCD and found a pair of interest trojans in the IE temp folder. I’m forgotten names but they are making something with json… winpcap runtimes. maybe from rustIOmap… deleted them. I am thinking maybe something bad with eac service… There are registered in the services… But disappears from system32. Oh if I will not solve this trouble I will reinstall whole system to time economy) Anyway I bought a SSD earlier - system is fresh)