Shrapnel Grenade

Well, first off lets get things straight, this is a thread for Sylph&Shoax because sylph is banned on FP and he cannot post a thread for a upcoming release, so Im making one for him and I made a promo for it to!

Shrapnel Grenade Features:

-Custom explosion
-Shrapnel (Debris that kills on impact)
-Debris autodeletes after 5 seconds so it doesnt cause a source of lag

  • And more!

Check out the video!

Thankyou Sylph&Shoax!

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Please ignore the tad bits of lag

Scroll around on the thread for the download link

It looks nice, but you should remake the video with source recorder and it would be much less choppier for the promo, it does look like it uses quite a few resources, will there be a way to easily change how many shrapnel pieces to make on the explosion? If not then I think that should be added. I also think there should be a way to easily change how far apart for each piece to be from and how much force is given, I am asking about this so it could easily be changed based on user’s preferences.

Looks neat.

Cool grenade dude :smiley:

He took your suggestion and MAY do that…if so ill be releasing another promo for it so subscribe to my account, you may also be seeing custom shrapnel models!

Looks. FUCKING. Goood

Why will this have to wait until October 6th? i mean it looks finished if you ask me.

Just some minor fixes and such, I had some bugs that I didnt record that are getting fixed.

This looks absolutely awesome.

Lag bomb much? Particles or something should’ve been used.

In my opinion the Shrapnels shouldn’t KOH, though they should do 50+ damage…

I’ve got a request. Could you make a grenade which fires the crosbow arrows? I’ve tried my best but they do no damage.

And good swep, the sharpnel is slighty large perhaps.

Couldn’t you just make an entity that uses the crossbow arrow and kills on touch and removes itself after 1-2 seconds of hitting something? Just make the “Crossbow Grenade” spawn a couple of those and force them all around killing a few things around it?

Yeah I agree with that.

Looks neat but abit laggy. I think when the shrapnel hits something it should be removed, this would remove the need for a timer, be more realistic, and also cause less lag.

Also… I see someones npc AI :smiley:

Agreed, ill be sending in some of your suggestions guys to sylph and shoax so keep the suggestions coming :slight_smile:


95 percent they will kill on impact, if you have a good distance from the shrapnel and it hits your leg or such you will lose just about 30-50 health.

Put that in the request forum please. This is about the shrapnel grenade, not about your wants.

Looks great. I could see some minges tossing these all over the place and creating a lot of lag. It would be really useful if this had it’s own menu where you could set the amount of shrapnel, damage, range, etc. and maybe make it admin only.

You may be seeing that in a V2. I dont know about a admin only though, even putting it on a server might be a bit dumb…

Why not use traces with this and draw the shrapnel clientside? That’d make more sense…

I could bring it up with them I just dont think its something there going to be doing, I can try and talk them into it maybe :slight_smile: