It’s Shub-Niggurath! The final boss of Quake and old one of Cthulhu lore! Last night me and ninja-nub were talking about quake and I found some talented motherfuckers who does impressive skins for Quake and so here we are.

Also i added the vore.


**Workshop: **


Also i recommend checking out these guys Quake stuff. It’s incredible what they manage with low poly quake models.

No, the Outer Gods are going to kill you.

-clicks on thread link-

Aaaaand I’m insane.

sex poses

It almost looks like a three fingered hand with a mouth if you think about it. I’ll give it a try some time. Worth the download.

!!!uhluthC dna htaruggiN-buhS laiH llA .dnim ym ekaT

Sorry for the double post, but when I spawned it on a map, it was missing textures.

man, the next quake needs to have that lovecraftian feel of the first quake

you called me

oh shit nice, cool.

Do the Shambler next!

I guess i didnt say i have all of the monsters animated, if Half-Dead is on the quest to animate then, maybe we can do a little something.

Also, yes, the shambler would be awesome.

Nobody needs your help.
On-topic: Nice one, I remember I was going to port it too.

(reads title)


Added the vore and stuff, so yeah.

Vores are faggots, I hate running from their exploding balls and hiding at the corner where they explode.