SHUD - Player Info Over Head

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Looks nice!

I recognize this. Was this a thing on coderhire?

@Zachy: Thanks :slight_smile:

@FPtje: Yes it was

look nice man where do you install this straight to the addons?

Clean and compact, shows only what you need. Nice work!

SHUD only supports DarkRP at the moment. So you need to put it in gamemodes/darkrp/modules. Everything you need is in the file.

Edit: Follow this step by step.

Thank You

He should use the darkrpmodification addon and not put anything in the darkrp gamemode folder.

Oh dident know that darkrpmodification addon existed.

didnt think you could use darkrpmodification on tcadmin

Its a addon so you can, just put the darkrpmodification addon in /addons.

thanks man will use that now xD

I paid for these when it first appeared on coder hire… Now you’re releasing this for free? I hope you’re refunding everyone that paid for this…

Did people who bought tf2 get a refund when it became free2play? No.
You don’t get a refund for a game you bought full-price when it’s suddenly discounted.

It’s not the first ch addon an author has chosen to release for free, get over it.

-snip- ms333 said everything that needed to be said

You got what you paid for a download link to my module/addon. Now you can get it for free. No need for refunds.

Fair enough, sorry for judging you.

No problems, i can understand why you are upset.

I don’t even know why I commented on this because this doesn’t even affect me, must have still been half a sleep haha

There is a little bug, on an other players, it shows you your job + hp.
So if you add like 20 Bots, every Bot has your name + hp in this shud