Shuriken Lua Script not working!

I have recently added a Shuriken custom weapon however when I try to throw it at someone it doesn’t fire anything and the person is unhurt. The ammo in the lua is ammo_xbowbolt, I thought maybe that was the cause of the issue?


More information please ?

Alright, So I click the left mouse button and the throwing animation happens but I don’t see a shuriken flying towards him and my ammo count doesn’t decrease.

idk what’s wrong, I’m a noob at LUA.

For those wondering, I believe this is the code he is using

I really don’t know lua but in SWEP:PrimaryAttack you need to add something along the lines of this self:throw_attack(“models/jaanus/v_shuriken.mdl”). Don’t take my word for it, I’m sure there are tons of people on here who can help you.