shutters on windows

Good afternoon !
To begin, I want to apologize that I do not speak English, and my message translated by Google-translate.
I very much hope that the developers of the game Rust listen to the ideas coming from players!
In this topic, I would like to share his idea for the game. Why not enter the game a building block - the shutters on okonnyye openings? We have doorways that closes the door and window openings is need to constantly be open, even with the lattice. What for ? After all, you can also close their shutters? And leave the bars! Sitemu do both at the door lock can be installed and can not install. Who can open the lock, he may open the shutters. In terms of implementation complexity: easy. After all, the mechanism for door already. A shutter is the same doors, windows only.

p.s. opening the door in the form of arrays also would look great!

yeah!+1 on idea, window shutters and hallway gates with key codes or lock <- that was possible through a glitch, I actually loved it.