Shuttle Explosion

I don’t normally do edits and stuff, but whatever. I thought it looked cool.

You may or may not see it in the future as part of a comic.

the lighting is weird

NPC’s!!! Don’t do that, please :colbert:

Shuttle smoke…don’t breathe this!

Yeah, I’d rate 4/10 - cause of the NPC’s, and Strider laZ0r!

god damn npc’s…

It Feels… classic.

Like, it looks like it comes from the days of PHW.

That’s because it was made for a comic, like all screenshots of worth back in 2006.

Bad shuttle and prop placement, and that weird laser thing looks really fake. Maybe some blurring or something to give it more of a “not-so-copy-pasted” look to it.

btw theres no explosions in space

actually there would be, since it’s still inside a larger ship/space station which would be full of oxygen

Yes there are you numpty. It’s just an exponential expansion of energy. Depending on the source and fuel of said exponential expansion, the explosion would give off a certain quantity of photons. However, any heat it gave off would be rapidly and efficiently dispersed by the near-absolute-zero temperature of space. Also, given the lack of atmosphere through which to conduct, there would be no shock wave, unless you were right up close to it and the emitted photons were of great enough number to interact with you at a macroscopic level, at which point their heat would disintegrate you anyway.
In fact, given the lack of atmosphere and hence lack of impedance, any explosion in space actually looks more impressive.

Although as the guy above said, it’s still in the ships atmosphere.

Now, as for the screenshot:
The laser looks tacked on due to that thick black line around it There should be some light cast on the near objects.
The explosion looks like the dynamite tool. I’d recommend either hunting around for some better effects (the Amraam addon or the cinematic explosion effects are lovely) or shopping something else in.
I personally like the way the shuttle comes apart, and the angle is not too bad, although a low shot from just in front of the shuttle tracking along the laser would be more dramatic.
Finally, edit in a better image of space. Space is beautiful, that fact should always be acknowledged.

ok captain science how long did it take you to write that

No need to be a jerk about that, QwertySecond. He meant explosions full of fire, not just an outward force flinging debris is all directions.

So weird looking.

Why does this deserve an entire thread?
Can’t you just post in a “Cool screenshots” thread?

Do not use npc’s in the pose. A strider can be a possible exception though. I like how you made the strider beam but I think the muzzle flash from the striker’s cannon would already have come about if the ship is exploding.

Numpty is a very mild insult where I’m from.
PS. It should be QwertyTSecond, I managed to misspell it.

Ten minutes.