Shuttle Propulsion Woes

Though keeping the thing stuck together has proven a bit problematic (nothing that can’t be solved by getting creative with parenting, however), I’m still unsure how to approach the propulsion system and landing gear for my in-the-works Spacebuild/Frontier shuttle.

Considering it’s made for heavy cargo transport, conventional thrusters would be a bit awkward. My plan is to use E2, but I don’t really know how to approach it (tutorials don’t help much). As for Gyropod… well, no. I’m not sure if there are any other alternatives out there. MPC works somewhat for the landing gear, but acts as nothing more than a temporary solution- how to make them cleanly retract and lower whilst also supporting the craft’s weight, I would need assistance with.

For controls, I plan for it to generally fly like a regular airplane, but be capable of hovering, as well as vertical takeoff and landing. One design featured a pair of rotating engines on either side of the craft, but since my skills with complicated designs featuring moving parts is limited, I opted out of using them.

Though I didn’t include the landing-gear setup, the design in question is as follows. It’s not finished, of course (yet to add internal/exterior details), but you get the idea- it’s big, it flies, and it carries a lot of stuff and people.

Unrelated, but that is really well designed.

Its either gyropod or e2. Pick your poison.

Alas, my problem is that I’m mostly illiterate in E2. I’m unsure how exactly to approach it.