Sick of Alt+Tabbing out of game, only having it freeze?

Well, I know a lot of you have the problem where alt tabbing causes freezing, crashing, and other annoyances.
That’s why, I’m showing you a really, really easy way of preventing alt-tabbing freezing.
Firstly, go to your Steam Library, of games, and rightclick Garry’s mod, and click Properties.

Secondly, go to Set Launch Options, and type in the following:

-sw -noborder

After that, hit OK and launch Garry’s Mod, you’ll now no longer have the ALT+TAB problem.
NOTE: This only works on the native resolution as far as I know, if it works on other resolutions that aren’t native res, let me know.

And mods, if this isn’t in the right section can you please move it?

So if I am not mistaken, this forces the game into windowed mode, and gets rid of the bar at the top so the screen isn’t clipped at the bottom.

Does this have any effect on performance? If you have a decent enough computer maybe it wouldn’t even have an effect.

I’ve been doing this for a while now (although I use -noborder -windowed) and it works great. It works for all source games that use the Episode 2 engine (or newer).

It probably does have an effect on performance, but it isn’t noticeable. Unless you are using a computer which is already struggling with Gmod.


I love this command, felt so stupid when I only find out about it 9-10months ago :(.
They should add it to the ingame options, I saw it in Portal 2 so why not other source games tbh. I love to run all my games in this setting when I can.

 -windowed -width 1920 -height 1080 -noborder 

This is how you do it properly, just replace 1920 x 1080 by your own resolution.

Either way is fine, I use that also though. As those options persist when you reinstall steam/windows.
Meaning no fucking around with settings all the time :slight_smile:

They stay even though you restart steam/windows.

I know, and I said reinstall. As in format your PC.

The launch options seem to be stored either in the steam files or on cloud, where as ingame options are registry stored so they do not.

If I want several tasks in the launch options, how do I seperate them so it doesn’t glitch?

I guess the dash means a new command.

you need the dash at every command, and just space between them.

I’m not entirely sure they are stored is the steam cloud… but it’s not that difficult to write unless you format your computer two times a week.

Different commands need different prepends. Settings require a dash (- e.g: noborder), while console commands that you can normally change in game usually require a plus (+ e.g: map mapName) before them. Each space in the parameters list denotes a new command, and certain commands expect a value after them that makes sense for that command (e.g: -height integer number).

They are not saved to the Steam cloud normally as far as I remember as they are not actually stored as game data, but I think Steam remembered a few of them for me in the past. So there might be some syncing.