Sick of cheating admins!

Admins shouldn’t cheat and if they do even spawn one piece of chicken in for themselves they need to advertise it in their @£$%ing server name.

It 100% isn’t fair to draw players in just for them to find out a couple hours later that the admins abuse and makes the player feel like they’ve completely wasted their time on the server. I don’t care if they pay or not. Time is more valuable than their money.

That’s why I started my own server. So I can get away from douchey cheating admins who ban players for raiding them, teleport their friends around the map and spawn stuff in to make it easier for them. Why cheat this game? I can’t imagine how horrifically boring this game would be as soon as you cheat once even with one bit of chicken.

Anyway check out my server. Just started it. 100 slots.

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Can’t live with cheaters? quit for tenis.

Undercover server spam

I am an admin. I keep quiet. I don’t interfere with other players. My smallish base is somewhere in the wastelands. I have to travel far to hunt and gather resources. Most players on my server have it better than me. I am happy with my pick-axe and bow and base. I am sure there are plenty of other admins out there like me. They just want to play the game too. Never have I seen so much admin hate like I’ve seen with this game. :rolleyes:

Bad admins will soon find there server empty… I guess thats the only way they can learn.

You’re the best type of admin. Keep it up!